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How to Sell Pasta….

Sometimes it can be hard to understand the term “positioning” and what that means in relation to your business, your brand or your products.

Covering all three of these subjects would be quite a lengthy affair, so I thought I’d give you an example of product positioning.

A few days ago, I was cooking the kids’ tea. It was nothing fancy, just a pasta and sausage bake.

Enter Charlie (age 4) to ask what they were having for tea. “Pasta“ says I.

And then?The Switch.

“The Switch” is the incredible ability of little girls to go from perfectly pleasant, smiley, pretty little creatures, to red faced, tear streaked, high pitched screaming banshees at, seemingly, the flick of a switch. (And I haven’t discovered this switch yet to turn it off).

And so for a full 30 minutes I had an onslaught of full on screaming, much stamping of feet, crying, and slamming doors – all because she said she wanted macaroni and I said she’d have to have the pasta.

This went on for so long that tea was fully cooked, served and Sam had eaten his and gone off to play again.

Cue light bulb moment.

Charlie?” says I. “Remember in Barbie and the Mermaid Tail, where Barbie wears a pretty seashell necklace given to her by her mummy?”

Ye?es?” gulps Charlie through tear stained cheeks.

Well, this is very special macaroni. This is magic macaroni that looks like seashells, just like Barbie’s seashell necklace, and it’s only given to special little girls by their mummy’s“

I paused with bated breath?.

?. “what??just like Barbie’s necklace then?” she asked in a little voice.

Exactly like Barbie’s necklace.”

Oh, yummy!“ she announced with a big smile.

And that was the end of that. Tea eaten in a flash, tantrum forgotten, sanity restored (for the moment anyway).

The thing is, all I was doing was repositioning the product: the pasta in this case. OK, it was the seashell shaped pasta, not normal macaroni, but pasta is pasta however it’s shaped.

So, if your customers or clients are not buying your products – could you make them look different? Could you repackage them? Could you rename them? Or could you change your marketing message so you’re selling something that’s of interest to them?.not what you think you’re selling?

Definitely food for thought!

Have a great week!
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