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How to publish articles offline

In my last post I talked about how to publish online articles. Here’s some tips of how you can use this powerful marketing method offline and get your articles into real life newspapers and magazines.

Firstly – who can you reach offline?…well, it depends on what publication your article appears in. Offline article marketing is a really easy way of reaching your local target market through publishing in the local newspapers or magazines…but you can also reach the national market (for instance with specialist magazine titles). Depending on what you do, local publications may be a far more powerful media for you than online…so ignore the sparkly lure of the internet if it’s really not relevant to you, and keep it local.

It all comes back to knowing who your target market is and what they read – so make sure you’ve done some research so you know the answer to this. Publications themselves tend to have a breakdown of the demographics of their readership on their website?or you could phone up and ask.

A final general note: publications will publish their circulation figures?ie how many of a certain publication get distributed. You want to know how many people are actually going to read the publication – and this figure is normally twice the circulation figure (not always, but it’s a good rule of thumb).

How to Publish Articles in Newspapers and Magazines

Publishing articles in local newspapers and magazines is a different method than online article marketing.

It pays to build up a relationship with the publication first: they’re real people so ring them up and chat about what you do and ask if they have any special features coming up eg Back to School, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Beauty specials, Spring Specials, Beat The Recession etc features.

There will be specials that will suit your product or service, and this is why it pays to build a relationship with a real person at the end of the phone: explain who you are and what you do, and they’ll know how to help you best.

You have to remember that local publications are DESPERATE to fill their pages with editorial. Newspapers are losing sales rapidly because of the increase of the internet. If you can supply good quality news and/or information that will be of benefit to their readers, they should snap your hands off.

By the way, an extra little tip is – offer a prize for their readers (that is, run a free prize draw). The publication will help you set it up and make sure all the rules and regulations are adhered to. They get something to offer their readers (which they love) and you end up with a list of the entries (ie people interested in what you have to offer). You can then contact these people and ask if they’d like to join your newsletter list.

Check with the publication how many words they will take for an article. If you don’t check first, they are likely to edit your article for you and cut out some vital point you want to make?so it would be better for you to get it right in the first place.

Then go ahead and write your article to the required length using the tips I gave in an earlier blog post:

You will need to check what the copy deadline is with the publication (ie when they need your article by) and you can submit your editorial / press releases to them by email on a word document.

Ask for a ‘proof’ and check it thoroughly for typos when you get it back: don’t assume it will appear as you won’t! You need to take responsibility for what’s published, which includes double checking your contact details (yes?do make sure these are on the bottom of your article).

And that’s it!

By the way – the true power of article marketing (online or offline) is – like all marketing – consistency. One article just won’t cut any ice – you need to keep putting them out there on a regular basis.

Good luck with it and have fun!

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