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How to Publish an Article Online

So, now you’ve got your information-packed article, all beautifully presented…but now you’d like to know what to do with it? Yes?

There are two ways to use article marketing – online and offline.

Online means publishing it on the internet, and offline means publishing it in magazines and newspapers. Both are very easy, and free. And article marketing is a brilliant way of establishing yourself as someone who can help others (ie your target market), and of putting people into the top of your marketing funnel.

Online article marketing is bandied about as a great marketing method: with it you have the ability to reach thousands or millions of people across the world very quickly at a touch of a button.

BUT think first: do you really want to reach this many people? What if you can’t – or don’t want to – supply your product or service to anyone outside your country? If not, you may be better starting with local marketing until your business can benefit a worldwide audience (if that’s where you want to take your business). Therefore, offline article marketing might just be the better option for you.

So, you’ve written your article and you’ve chosen online or offline…now here’s what to do (this week I’ll concentrate on publishing an article online, next week I’ll cover offline):

Online Article Marketing:

Before you publish an online article, you need to first make sure that you’ve included the specific keyword/s that people are looking for in relation to the subject matter of your article. OK, so if you’ve already written your article then you’ll need to edit slightly, but better still, do your keyword research before you start writing.

There are organisations around who will charge you for keyword research, for instance come highly recommended. But, I say, if you can get it for free, then use that instead! Go to Google’s (free) keyword search tool: and have a play.

Once you’re happy with your article, and have made sure that you’ve included your main keyword, then you need to publish it online.

By the way – a quick side note – write your article in a “text only” or “plain text” (eg use the “Notepad” application that you will have in your pc somewhere?try looking in Accessories) format as that stops all those funny little squares and other peculiar things appearing in the published article

There are two ways of publishing your article online: individually (article directory by article directory) or through an article submission company. There are pros and cons to both – I personally use because it submits my articles to lots of directories in one go. However, you have to pay for it and you may not want to, and your articles end up duplicated all over the internet, which some say that Google doesn’t like.

Submitting articles to individual sites one by one is free – it just takes you more time. Search for “article directories” in Google and you’ll get loads pop up. I found an article by an Internet Marketer which very usefully lists the top ranked article directories: The general advice is to use 5 or 6 good article directory sites that are relevant to your industry and stick to those.

So all you have to do is submit your articles, remembering to put on your bio that has a link back to a landing page on your site (preferably one that captures the reader’s information), and that’s all there is to it.

Quantity is everything though, and the more the merrier, so do get you articles out there on a regular basis.

I hope that helps.
See you next week,

PS None of the links in here are affiliate links – they’re all genuine recommendations!

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