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How to move your business forward exponentially

I met with someone recently who was commenting that her business had grown dramatically since she employed the services of a business coach.

A couple of mentoring clients, who started with me recently, have said “I thought I couldn’t afford to work with you, but actually I’ve realised that I can’t afford NOT to work with you?”

And my own business turnover increased by well over ten times last year, and doubled again in the first 5 months of this year, since I started working with a business mentor and coach, committed to a programme run by a life coach, and became a member of a business mastermind group (again a long term commitment).

Ok, I can tell you from my part that I’ve put a huge amount of effort put in and had a good marketing plan in place (well, you would expect that of me wouldn’t you?!)?in other words I had to take the action. But, there comes a very definite difference from working with experts whose skill is in taking you and your business forward.

I have also invested in a couple of online programmes, with price tickets just out of reach. However, I gritted my teeth and got them anyway, because I knew they would bring me the skills I needed to go to the next level.

And you know what? They did.

Every time I’ve reached just that little bit higher financially?you know the score when you’re doing the financial equivalent of standing on tippy toes, with your arms stretched as high as they will go, with your finger tips only just reaching the coveted “˜thing’ (in my kids’ case, it’s generally the biscuit tin)?then somehow I also seem to discover the next financial step that eases the burden and allows me to pay for whatever it is with no problem. But that only happens after I’ve made the commitment.

The point is, it’s happened so often that I now trust the process. I know that it’s right for me and my business: if it’s an investment into my business that I know will take me forward (rather than just a impulsive purchase), and if I then put trust into my business, make the commitment, and believe that I will have the business income to pay for that advice or programme, then I will.

Last year, I was on a tele-seminar with a well known coach and trainer who said something along the lines of “Don’t worry about the “how”, if you want to come [to the event], just decide to do it and the money will follow to be able to pay for the ticket.”

At the time, the £1,500 ticket price was way out of reach, and I think it’s a big leap if you’re starting with £0. Personally, I like to work a little more realistically than that.

What I think IS achievable is going for the things that are “˜just’ out of reach: not massively, but “˜just’. The prices or fees that are a stretch for you, but not impossible (even if you do have to close your eyes and cross your fingers whilst you hit the “Pay Now” button!).

Go for these, and believe and trust in your business, AND make a commitment to the mentor, coach, programme or product, and you’ll find that your business grows more than you can imagine as a result.

Have a great week,
Dedicated to your success,

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