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How To Make Marketing Work: Guaranteed

There is no such thing as failure.

You’ve heard that before, no doubt, but this is particularly true in marketing.

I get asked all the time what marketing methods will work for a business. And my answer is always the same – I have absolutely no idea!

OK, after 22 years I can make a good guess at what might work, but until you actually run a marketing campaign?until you actually put your marketing into action?then neither you nor I will have any idea what will work for you.

Marketing, you see, is a mixture of an art and science. The “art” bit is the nice creative stuff – the designs, the clever copywriting, the texture of the paper, the clever twizzly bits on your website.

However it’s the science behind it that makes it all work for you.

When you start your marketing activities – whether it be advertising, employing the services of a tele-marketer, sending out direct mail letters, running a pay-per-click campaign – whatever it is, you need to put in place ways that you can test and measure the results of each activity.

Then you use that as a bench mark to test other things.

Here’s an example: you run an ad in the Ambridge Review, circulation 6,000.

You put a code in the call to action (e.g. “call 0800 xxxxxx quoting ref AR06 to claim your free farming guide”). You count up how many calls come in quoting that code, and find you have 300 requests for your farming guide. Of those, 100 become new customers for your bright shiny new tractor.

And so we have a response rate of 5% and a conversion rate of 33%. So far so good.

Run another ad in the same publication with a different offer. Now you put a different code in your call to action (“call 0800 xxxxxxx quoting ref AR07 to claim your free tractor ride”). This time you find you have 150 requests. Ooh?so not so good then.

But wait?

?you find that 100 of those people go on to buy the tractor!

So that gives you a response rate of 2.5% but a conversion rate of 66%!


Now what I might do is take that free tractor ride offer and place the ad in a different publication (different code again) to see if I can get a better response rate.

And herein lies the beauty and poetry of marketing.

Keep doing this and your marketing results will get better and better.

There is no failure in marketing, only results. The results show you what to do next.

Not everything works: not every offer; not every publication; not every message; nor every creative. In marketing, you will get things that fail?but that’s just telling you that particular combination doesn’t work. If you test the individual elements of the combination you will find out what DOES work and then (very simply) you just do more of that!

And that is how you make marketing work for you!

Failure isn’t about falling down, failure is staying down.”

Dedicated to your success,
See you next week,

PS – Hot tip: only ever test one thing at a time e.g. headline vs. headline, OR offer vs. offer, OR publication vs. publication.

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