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How to Get Yourself Established As An Expert – Quickly

Marketing takes many forms and one method that you can use to instantly raise your profile and establish yourself as an expert in your area is by giving talks on your subject.

If you’ve never done this before, then the best subject that you can speak about is one that you are passionate about.  True, passion doesn’t necessarily make a for a good speaker, but it certainly takes you a lot of the way there – and if you feel you lack the practical know-how for speaking, then there are plenty of organisations around (Toastmasters for one) or speaker coaches who can help you.

But starting at a point of passion is a great place to start.  What if I asked you what your “soap box” subjects were?  You know the couple of subjects that if someone raises, you’re off “˜on one’ and nobody can shut you up?! 

Maybe you’re passionate about showing people how to get started?  I have a friend who gives an inspirational talk on how to get started in networking.  She has developed her own wonderfully simple 1-2-3 step system, and not only is it a joy to listen to, but it immediately empowers you to go out and “do it”.

What is it that you do that you find so easy, you don’t even think about? It’s strange, but the things we find incredibly easy, could do with our eyes shut and one hand behind our back, and assume that everyone is doing?.are actually the things that other people find difficult, they’re not doing and need some help with.  You can help them with this.

Or maybe there’s an area of your expertise that people don’t do and you know that if they did this ONE thing, their whole lives would be better!  In the whole, vast field of marketing there a 1001 subjects I could speak about quite happily, but the one subject that gets me on my own particular soapbox is focusing on a target audience.  So whenever I speak, you’ll generally find me raising this issue with great passion!

So – what are the areas of your business subject that you are passionate about?that make you angry because people don’t do it?that frustrate you because people don’t do it?that you find so easy everyone must be doing it??

Pick a couple of areas and develop a talk around them.  When you speak, the passion and knowledge for your subject will come from a place deep within you and will immediately position yourself as the expert that your audience want to come and see.

But?.don’t just deliver these talks once.  Make them your signature talks: the talks that you get known for, that demonstrate the core of your knowledge and who you are, and then take them out to as many speaking engagements as you can.

If you’ve never spoken before, or think that you really don’t like it – try starting with a really small group, perhaps a local business networking group that you attend on a regular basis and who know you.  You might just find you get the bug!

Speaking is a great method for marketing yourself and your business.  It’s free – but you may find that you get paid for it (woo hoo!).  It positions you in exactly the right place in your target audience’s minds, and it’ll position you as an expert in everyone’s minds.  And if you’re deemed as an expert – you can put your prices up!

So, make it your task this week to have a think about a couple of areas related to your business that you can develop your signature talks about.  (And then plan to go out there and deliver them!).

Have a great week,

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