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How to Get the Right People on Your List

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve spoken about how and why you start building a list, and how to create a free offer (OK then, a bribe by any other name! ;o) ) to exchange for people’s names and email addresses (or even snail mail addresses).

The next stage then is to start filling your list with the type of people you want on it.  A couple of blog posts ago, I said that the kind of people you should have on your list are people who are already interested in what you have to offer. 

Sounds obvious, but so many business owners just aim for “˜big numbers’ on their list, without bothering who they are.  If I was making and selling chicken coops, I’d much rather have a small list of people who wanted chickens, or people looking to upgrade their current chicken coop, than a large list of general pet owners.

Defining your target audience like this will ensure that your marketing to them (I’ll cover that next week) is properly directed.  People who want chickens will also be interested in chicken coops.  Dog owners won’t be.

Your first step then is to make sure that you have buttoned down your target market and that you know who they are.  Once you know who they are, it’s fairly simple to find out where they are – online AND offline.

And once you’ve done that – then you can start offering them your freebie in exchange for their name and address (email / snail mail).

The trick is to offer other information as well so that you’re seen as an expert in your particular area.  So if you were the chicken coop seller, you might take part in forum discussions – offering information on how best to look after chickens, how to clean out the coops (a dusty business, I can tell you!), where you can find the best feeders?whatever discussions a forum throws up.  There are forums on practically anything – and yes, there are forums on back garden chicken keeping.

So, forums are a good place to offer your freebie.  As is article marketing (eg Ten Top Tips on Keeping Chickens in Your Back Garden).  Or how about pay per click ads (not just on Google, but also in Yahoo, Facebook, MSN etc), banner ads, online press releases and so on.  Offline, you can use press releases, articles, leaflets, inserts, ads? 

Your priority is always to ask yourself “does this medium go directly to MY target market?” And your second priority is to never outright sell your pink widgets, chicken coops or business services straight from your forum post or whatever, but to position yourself as an expert, and offer your freebie in exchange for name and address.

Once you have that (and these days, it’s normally an email address), THEN you can start marketing to them with ease.  Why?  Because the people who are now in your list are not only in your target market, but they have also metaphorically raised their hand to say “I’m interested in YOU”. 

And aren’t they the people who want to promote your business to?

See you next week,

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