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How to Get High Up on Google Rankings

If you have a website, you’ll probably know that back links are an all important part of getting your site appearing high up in the Google search rankings.

Back links are basically just links from another site to your site.  The more you have, the better it is for you and your site, BUT (and it’s a big “˜but’) the back links have to be real.  The sites that link to yours should be proper, well visited sites from real businesses that offer real services to their own customers.

So, offering a reciprocal link to a complementary business (e.g. you’re a hairdressing salon and you link to the local beauty therapist, and their site links back to yours) is a great way of building these links.  (Word of warning: make sure that the businesses you link to are businesses that you know and trust, otherwise it’ll reflect badly on you and your brand).

But your marketing can also provide you with back links by way of your web site address (listed in the bio section) when you do article marketing.  Some forums and social networking sites can also provide opportunities for back links when you include your URL in your signature line.

The more the merrier definitely, but you can help yourself enormously by getting back links from very popular and well visited sites.  The way you do this is by looking at their Alexa ranking.  Have a nose over at and you’ll see that Google is (rather unsurprisingly) listed as the #1 site and Facebook sits at #2.

The lower the number (eg with “˜1′ being the most popular), the more popular the site is and the higher it is likely to appear in the all important Google search rankings.  There are literally millions upon millions of sites listed on Alexa (even Merrie Marketing has an Alexa ranking!).  The first few hundred are excellent Alexa rankings, but don’t discount those sites with rankings in their thousands.

Coming back to your marketing – when you’re deciding what article directory to submit your article to for instance, or what social network to belong to, check out the Alexa rankings first.  It shouldn’t make the decision for you (common sense should always prevail) but it can help you to make that decision. 

I’d rather submit my articles to a highly popular article directory?if someone is searching for the subject I’ve just written about, it’s more likely to pop up on Google if my article is with a high Alexa ranked site.  Then the person is more likely to find my article, read it and click on the link back to my site.

By doing this, not only do you get an excellent back link (good for your Google rankings), but you’ll also have increased traffic to your site (also good for Google rankings), more people signing up for your ezine, or requesting your free reports and even buying your wares.  And, ultimately, that’s got to be good for your bank balance!

See you next week,

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