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How to create a little magic in your business

Magic happens when you believe in yourself“ (Barbie)

When I start work with a new mentoring/coaching client, they are sometimes a little surprised that the first thing I do is to spend a session or two looking at “˜them’. We discuss their background, their business, their life and their dreams.

And it’s the last one – their dreams – that many people find difficult to open up about. It seems that in our society, we’re not allowed to dream. Or indeed, people have no belief that they will ever attain their dreams, and so they don’t allow themselves to dare to think about the possibilities of “what if??”.

This has a knock on affect and seems to result in these individuals not believing in themselves, and their ability to make things happen, and so it all becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and no – their dreams never come true. Their dreams become locked behind a door that is never allowed to open.

But what happens when that door is opened for the first time? It’s a little scary to be looking at a different future: one that is all golden, and bright and shiny, and that contains all the things you love, adore doing and want to do, but didn’t think were possible to do.

This image can reduce people to tears: and that’s OK. It’s cathartic to cry, and it shows that you’ve reached a point of true emotion. It’s also very scary to think about moving away from the comfortable “now” towards an unknown future – however much you may want it.

But step by step, your dreams can be made into reality, and that’s when excitement can completely take over and your whole life becomes dedicated to making that dream happen.

Between those tears and that excitement come some other steps: confidence, self belief, planning and action.

Planning and action are absolutely necessary, but they don’t happen without the self confidence and self belief.

But confidence and self belief are hard to come by in the first place when you’re feeling vulnerable and scared?and, let’s face it, the climb to the top (wherever that is for you) can be a lonely one.

I often watch Barbie movies with my 4 year old daughter, and Barbie and the Fashion Fairytale is one of her favourites. In this movie, Barbie helps her new friend with that confidence and self belief. Even when they’re taking all the action (driven by Barbie?who really ought to become a coach herself!), it’s Barbie that constantly carries her friend along, believing in her totally, until the dream starts to come true.

And it does, with much sparkle, lots of pink and some fairy magic along the way!

In the real world, we can’t rely on fairy magic, but we can get that support. And we all need it: we all need friendship, support and coaching to help us access those dreams AND reach them.

And this is where coaching comes in. No, you don’t have to come and work with me (although I’d love it if you did!), but I encourage you to go and find a life coach, business coach, or indeed a marketing coach to work with. Find someone who is right for you; who will support you and be there for you, and believe in you when you don’t.

Someone who will help you create the steps, and take the action, that will give you the confidence and belief in yourself that your dreams can happen.

And they will.

Life’s too short not to make your dreams come true.

So go find a little magic yourself today and watch yourself fly!

Have a magic week!
Dedicated to your success,

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