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How to Clear Your Head

With a film crew periodically working their way through our biscuit tin, we are currently being filmed whilst renovating our very kitsch 1970s bungalow.  A bungalow doesn’t sound very glamorous, but we have huge rooms and a view across the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire countryside to die for, and a stunning view across the Malverns about a minute from our front door.  That and the Forest of Dean on our door step, we feel very lucky to live here.

As part of the process, we’ve had to keep what will be the new lounge (the star in this programme) full of its accumulated boxes, tables and assorted clutter that families seem to collect over time.  They’ve now done their background filming, so we’ve had a few short days to empty the room.  Not an easy mission, I can tell you!

However, it has been very cathartic creating a large empty space.  We currently have no room to store anything other than what we really need to hold on to, so I have been quite brutal in what I have thrown out.  Out have gone old videos (nothing to play them on anymore!), cassette tapes (ditto), kids’ old toys, dodgy Christmas decorations, crockery.  Out went my old college files and my Marketing Diploma files – although very interesting it was reading my exam papers! Mr R had “What H-Fi” magazine from 1998, so those (yes, plural) went too.

The only heart-rending thing I found was a file of documents from when I bought my very first flat for £51,250…in London.  Now it’s a very “up and come” area and flats in that road go for well over £300k!  Oh, with the benefit of hindsight!!

So, I was left with a huge pile for charity, a large pile of recycling, and two huge bags of rubbish (why were we keeping a plastic lid to a long gone toy box anyway??).  These have now gone too.  Result?  Large, empty, cleared space in our home.

More than that though, space in our heads.  Somehow the boxes and the old stuff that we were holding on to were filling a space in our minds, making it impossible to see a way forward, and so for a long while we just weren’t.  Every time we went into that room, we turned round and came back out again because it was just too much to deal with.  So we didn’t.

Now, because of an enforced deadline (the production company have to finish filming by the end of July) we HAD to get on with it, and so we did.

The space now seems filled with light and air where it wasn’t before, enabling us to clearly see the room and make decisions about it so that Mr R can start the structural work in there and we can properly move forward in getting it done.

We had also planned to decorate the kids’ bedrooms this year, and I found three tins of paint which would be perfect for Sam’s room, and a pair of vibrant pink curtains that measure up exactly for Charlie’s room.  Not only have we cleared space, but saved some money too.

What then, are you hanging onto that you no longer need?  What can you get rid of this week?  If you had an enforced deadline with nowhere to put the stuff you’ve been holding on to, what would you throw out?

Think about:

  • The stuff on your desk
  • The piles in your office (you know, the filing that you’ve never quite got around to doing….?)
  • Your spare room?
  • Your garage?
  • What about also old beliefs and thoughts that you’ve been holding on to that you no longer need?

Set yourself a deadline, or ask someone to hold you accountable, and have a good clear out.

Your reward?  Whatever you like, but the universe has a habit of filling a vacuum, so if you clear your office space, you may just find that you get brand new business as a result; if you clear your home, you’ll have that home office or hobby room or extra bedroom you always wanted.  Either way, you get a complete sense of freedom and clarity in your head – which is very definitely worth the effort.

Let me know how you get on!

Dedicated to your success,

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