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When you have spent time, energy, effort, and in some cases – money in building your list, then the next thing you’ll want to be doing to is building a relationship with this list. 

 First Things First?Get The Right Tools

When you have collected someone’s name and email address, then keep in touch with them on a regular basis – weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but no less than that. 

The tool that enables you to capture people’s details, build a list, send your freebie out to them and keep in contact with them all in one go (oh – and do it all automatically!) is an auto-responder.

Google “autoresponder” and you’ll have a load come up.  They cost on average about $20 a month (about £10): an investment well spent on the marketing of your business.  I personally use and love Aweber (I like the marketing analytics in it?maybe I need to get out more?), but there are plenty out there.  Sign up for the free trials and see which one you like the best.

 Will You Stay or Will You Go?

What will happen over time is that some of these people will stay on your list, happy to get your free information.  Others will filter through your marketing and sales funnel to buy products and services from you.  And a percentage will want decide for whatever reason, that they’re off and unsubscribe.  Don’t worry about the unsubscribers, and don’t take it personally.  You want to be building relationships with the people are interested in staying with you.

To build the all important relationship with your list then you need to provide great quality useful and relevant information on a consistent basis.  Your list needs to get to know you, like you and trust you.  And if they know, like and trust you – that’s when they start buying.

 Two Important Steps to Building Those Relationships

The trick, then, is to send out your relationship building information – normally in the shape of a newsletter or e-zine (same thing) consistently – same time, same day every week (or fortnight, or month).  No less than monthly though, otherwise they’ll forget about you!

The other tip is to plan out your subjects in advance.  I work about 6 months in advance, so that I’m never stuck for ideas.  I keep a plan on a spreadsheet in my laptop, in which I also track my open rates and click through rates – it immediately shows me what’s been working and what hasn’t.

As with all marketing – don’t just jump in and “do it”: an hour or two in advance for planning what you’re going to do, can make all the difference to your results.

Next week, I’ll go over a few ideas of what information you can send people to build that relationship.  And also share my hot secret to ensuring you never run out of ideas!!

Bye for now,

PS Very, very few people who have their own business employ this marketing tactic (particularly in the UK): make sure you’re one of them!

PPS To join my own list and see how I build relationships (oh – and get yourself a free copy of my audio programme “How to Get More Clients, More Money & More Time for Yourself“) just hop over to

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