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A bit of a harsh question, I know, but that’s what some of your potential clients and working partners may think if you are not consistent with your marketing.

Also, marketing results only ever come from consistent activity.  What happens far more times than I like to see is a business starts carrying out loads of marketing activity….after about three months they start seeing results…they get lots of work…and so they take their foot off the accelerator and stop the marketing.  All is OK for a while, but then the work starts drying up.  So they have to start all that marketing activity again…which takes three months to create results….and so we end up with a yo-yo situation, which is not good for any business.

So, on-going consistency in marketing activity is vital, but so is consistency in the detail of your marketing too.   If you get the detail wrong…the little things that really matter…people start mistrusting you at a deep subconscious level.  They may not be able to explain why, but they feel uncomfortable with what you’re doing, and you lose credibility and that all-important expert status.

So, what do I mean by consistency in the detail?

It means that whatever you decide to do – you stick to it.

For instance, you should make a decision now – today – that your newsletters go out every Monday morning at 10am.  Or the last Friday of every month.  Or every Tuesday at 3pm.  The “when” doesn’t matter quite so much, the fact that you stick to the same time and day and cycle DOES matter.

Sending it Monday morning this week, Wednesday afternoon next week, then nothing for three weeks is not good. If you send out your newsletter monthly, the same thing applies: same time in the month, same time of day.  Stick to your decision.  (There’s no excuse not to be able to do this: all the auto-responders…the technology that enables you to send out newsletters….allow you to write in advance and schedule the emailing to go out when you want it to.)

A second example could be your logo.  You’ve spent a few hundred pounds getting a beautiful logo designed by a talented graphic designer.  He or she has worked hard to understand you and your business so that it is portrayed in the best way through your corporate identity.  When you get that logo – then what do you do with it?

Make a decision now – today – that it will always appear top left…or top right…or bottom centre…or wherever.  Do chat to your designer as they will be able to give you professional advice as to what the best placement and layout would be for you and your business on your website and any marketing literature (including your corporate stationery).  Then stick to that.

There are many more examples, but consistency is so important in building up your credibility, showing your professionalism, and importantly, helping you to build your brand.

Branding is so important and a whole subject in itself.  It’s a bigger subject than I have room for in this article, but suffice to say, it is NOT about your logo; it IS about how your customers perceive you, and how you want to perceived by them, and their relationship with you.

So, today: look at your marketing activities.  Think about the ones that are always out there, that go out regularly, and decide how and when and where they should be.

Then stick to it.

And your customers will know that you do care.  That you are credible and professional.  And they will want to do business with you.

Have a great week,
Dedicate to your success,

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