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How do you create a success story?

Success I love this business.  You know why?  Because of the difference it makes.

This morning I met with a client of mine who I’ve worked with since the beginning of the year.  He reported that his turnover has doubled, his profitability has increased dramatically, and his company is now attracting the larger clients he wanted – all within the space of 10 months.

He has – bless him – put that down to the work I’ve been doing with him: the knowledge I’ve passed on, the support and encouragement I’ve given, the kicks up the backside that I’ve also given, the insight I’ve given, and the problems I’ve headed off at the pass.  He says, quite categorically that his business would not be where it is today without me.

However – whilst this is lovely to hear (and thank you for your kind words ….you know who you are!!) – it’s not just down to me.  It takes courage, determination, and a willingness to let an expert take the lead.

Courage because it can be a tough road building a business. Courage also because it can take a lot to let someone else into your business at its very core and let them do what they do best.

Determination because marketing results never happen straight away. It takes time, hard work and money before you see results.  And determination to not give up whilst you’re doing that.  It’s all too easy to not hang in there.  This business owner did, and he’s now seeing the results.

Willingness to let an expert take the lead can be tough: it can be tough to let go, and let someone else take over a part of your business.  However, marketing is a profession, and it takes years before you become truly proficient at doing it and start achieving great results.  Although he understood what marketing was about, he was perfectly willing to be guided by an expert and relinquish that part of his business into safe hands.

Business growth comes from letting go and letting the experts take over, whether that’s an expert in finance, expert in operational processes, an expert in sales processes, or a marketing expert.  The opposite happens too: when you try and hold onto everything or do everything yourself, growth can be very slow or non-existent.  Whichever specialism you bring in from outside, that person will always be far more efficient, knowledgeable, instinctive and – well, just better! – at doing what they do.  You do what you do best, they do what they do best.

And in the case of my dear client this morning, he can now excel at what he does best because of the business that is now being created around him and his new team.

I am thrilled for him.  I am excited for him.  And I am very, very proud of his success and what he’s achieved.

At the end of it all, he’s still the one in his business’ driving seat – and he deserves every inch of his increased success.

Well done my chip partner (!) – I’m looking forward to your next year’s growth!


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