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Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Last week I asked you whether your business needed a tidy up: Spring being a good time to do just that.

But what about you?

The way I approach marketing is that successful marketing has to start with you.

Your marketing has to be a reflection of you and how you communicate yourself through your business. Your marketing has to be congruent with who you are and what you’re about, and your business in turn also has to be in line with you, your passions, loves, skills, values and so on.

Which means it all has to start with you.

If your business and/or your marketing is not going the way you want it, then look in the mirror!

What are you projecting out there?

Are you being who you want to be?

Does your business really reflect who you are?

Do you LIKE who you are currently?

Have you got yourself into some negative habits which are having a knock-on effect on your business?

OK, so this can be uncomfortable. If you work with me personally, you’ll know that the very first thing I do is to look at you – and normally this brings up emotions and tears, fears and disappointments, frustrations and lack of hope.

It can be difficult to change habits of a life time, but if your business is not doing what it is that you think it should be doing, then start with you – as difficult as that may be.

I’m a strong believer that success only comes after personal growth. And personal growth can be (should be?) painful.

A good coach will help you through this pain barrier and (if you want to) out the other side. Sometimes this journey is quite quick, sometimes it takes a little time. Either is fine (as are using up all of your coach’s tissues!).

I know that with my own clients, those who I work with to break through this barrier go on to achieve the greatest successes.

For marketing to work for you, the energy that you put out has to be right. It’s your personal energy field that people pick up on and respond to. If something doesn’t feel right to them, then they won’t buy. They won’t know why, nor will they be able to analyse it, but they will pick up on it. (And the reverse is true).

So it’s vitally important that, before you get to any marketing, you start with you. Put “your own house in order” first. Then make sure your business (including your clients) are a true reflection of who you are and what you’re passionate about, and makes the most of your skills and talents.

The “marketing bit” actually then becomes a doddle and starts working like pure magic!

Have a great week!
Dedicated to your success,

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