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Have brambles been growing in your business?


Last week Mr R and I went out for a walk in the woods and followed our normal circular route.  We took a slight diversion to avoid a steep path which is not normally a problem, but it definitely IS a problem when the path has turned into a quagmire and you can’t get a foot hold!

For one reason and another, I haven’t been that route for a few days but on this morning’s walk I went back up the path and headed for the diversion that we took last week.  EXCEPT…in the space of less than seven days what was a lovely clear path through some trees, has now been replaced by knee high brambles.  And they don’t look like they’re intending to get any smaller any time soon.

It ended up being a lot of hard work climbing up hill, picking my way carefully over brambles, particularly as I had to keep stopping to get the thorns out my jeans!

It made me think about how often we leave things alone in our business?  How often do we not tread down a particular path?  Do you regularly do your marketing?  Your book-keeping?  Keep an eye on your cash-flow?  Keep in touch with your clients and customers?

Where are you NOT going in your business, where perhaps you need to?  Have the brambles grown up in the meantime?  If you leave areas of your business untouched for a while, then that particular area becomes a mess and it’s much harder work to unpick that mess than if you’d been keeping your attention on it regularly.  Not only that, when marketing or finances or sales are untouched for a while, problems arise, and you end up having to pick the thorns out of your business: not a pleasant task.

Over the next week then, look at those areas of your business where you don’t concentrate on, or where you don’t pay regular attention to.  (Hint: they’re normally the areas which you find hard work or don’t really enjoy that much!).  Make a list, and then schedule some time in your diary so that you can tackle those brambles.

Then make sure you put on-going time in your diary so that you can manage these areas on a regular basis.

Voila!  No brambles for ever more.

Have a great week.
Dedicated to your success,

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