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How to Grow Your Business in Just One Hour a Day

Multi tasking coordination and controlAs a multi-talented, plate-spinning, ball-juggling, multi-disciplined and multi-tasking business owner, it can be exhausting keeping on top of everything on your day-to-day to do list.

With lovely clients to both find and look after, networking meetings to attend, HMRC to keep at arm’s length, website and blog to keep up to date, monthly accounts to keep, staff to train and develop, new contacts to make, social media to be, well, social in, and not to mention keeping up to date with new developments in your industry, it can be easy to forget that somewhere in there you need to find the time to grow your business.

OK, having a great marketing strategy and plan in place can undoubtedly help. Whether it’s a two page document or a 40 page tome, a well thought out plan will get you where you need and want to be. However, spending the time and money on researching and writing one of these won’t, in itself, grow your business. To do that you need to action all the points on it, and with marketing plans these can be extensive. Important thought these are, what is equally as important is to determine those activities that will bring you growth “now”.

Whilst it is important to keep on top of social media to keep yourself out there, when you are planning out your day, why not look at your marketing to do list with a slightly fresh pair of eyes?

Look at your list for the day and determine which activities have pound signs at the end of them. Which of our activities are going to have a direct impact on your income and business’ growth?

Social media doesn’t….but calling those new contacts on LinkedIn does. Sorting out the copy on your website for the umpteenth time doesn’t….but setting up a sales promotion does. Re-filing your business cards in alphabetical order doesn’t….whilst sending out an email to sell your new course, product or service does.

The thing is, your resolve to do these activities can get swallowed up by the day. One phone call at 9.15 can result in the whole day disappearing, with your income producing activities not getting done. And, yes, it happens to me too! So, here’s an idea. How about – for the first hour of your day, you concentrate on at least one income producing activity per day? And if your day gets absorbed with all those other spinning plates, you are safe in the knowledge that you have done one thing today to move your business forward.

Here’s a few tips before you start:

  • Plan what you’re going to do the evening before and get everything ready that you need to complete your task
  • In your hour – get yourself settled with a cuppa or a glass of water. •Do NOT answer your desk phone.
  • Turn your mobile OFF.
  • Do NOT answer emails – or better still, do not turn on your email.
  • Do NOT allow interruptions. Hope that helps you create new growth in your business.

Challenge yourself to try it for a week, and see how much new income you have created for your business.

Good luck and do let me know how you get on!

If you need to get your own marketing strategy and plan in place to start with, do call me on 01452 223306 and we can talk through how I could help you.

Dedicated to your success as always,

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