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Grow Your Business with QR Codes

MM_YouMadeItDeep in building renovations as we are, I’m frequently coming home from meetings to discover large sacks of sand or piles of bricks sitting on our driveway.   My role in these renovations is as Chief Project Planner and Finance Director, Tea Maker and Cake Maker.  That just means I can look highly important with my pencil and clipboard and ask Mr R – the real expert – lots of questions about when things need to be done and in what order, whilst we drink tea and eat freshly baked cake every Sunday afternoon, for our weekly planning meetings.

Now, whilst I can project plan and budget manage very effectively given what I do for a living, I’ve never been involved in a major renovation project before.  And whilst I can wield a screwdriver, change a plug and put an Ikea flat pack together with aplomb, anything much beyond those is not really in my skill set (probably best for the world if I stuck to marketing!).

So I was delighted to hear at the weekend about a company that sold bags of cement that made full use of modern technology to help mere mortals like me (should I wish to!) make up cement.   On each bag was printed a QR code that, if scanned with your phone, would take you straight to a video that showed you how to mix up cement.  Fabulous!

Finally a company that has thought about a proper and effective use for QR codes, and will engage and increase their customers’ loyalty all at the same time.

‘QR’, by the way, stands for “Quick Response” and if you haven’t seen them yet, they are the funny looking black and white digital pixelated images that are created to linked to a web page.  Any web page that is.  So many businesses have a QR code and point it at their home page, but you don’t have to.

In fact, the more creative use of the QR code the better!

How about these to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Printing a QR code on your business card that goes direct to your newsletter sign up page?
  • Print a QR code on a T-shirt;
  • Print them on promotional postcards and send people to a video talking about whatever it is you’re promoting…;
  • Or use them on a direct mail postcard directing the recipient  to a video message made by you;
  • Point one at a video of you demonstrating your product or service, or of a video of you in action;
  • Point them at instructional videos for your product or service;
  • Link them to your Twitter, Facebook, or Pintinterest page;
  • Link them to a special money off coupon for a particular time slot or day.

You can print QR codes in ads, on bill boards, on letters, bags, cars, on office walls – in fact, anything that can be printed on.

And best of all, QR Codes are dead easy to generate and are, for the most part, completely FREE!

To generate one, search for “QR Code Generator” in Google and it’ll bring up a whole bevy of them.  Here’s my favourite: – you’ll see on this site that they have a long list of possible uses for them.

To set one up, all you have to do is:

  1. Decide what you want to use it for (and click the relevant option on the generator site)
  2. Type in the URL (or web page name) of where you want the QR code to go to;
  3. Download and job done!

Let me know what you do – I’d love to know!

And if you’d like to build QR codes in to your overall mobile and digital marketing strategy, do call me on 01452 223306 to discuss how marketing coaching or consultancy could grow your business.

Have a great week,
Dedicated to your success,

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