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Go Kick up Some Leaves!


The Forest is beautiful at this time of year when I go out for my morning walk: all the trees are glorious in their burnished golds and reds of their autumnal colours.

Except, given we’re now mid November and the wind is howling, the forest floor is covered with a carpet of these beautiful leaves.

I couldn’t resist! 😮

No-one was around…..and so I ran and skipped through the leaves with a laugh and a big whoop of joy.

Oh, I SO hope no-one was around!!

I used to kick leaves about with joyful abandon when I walked home from school.  However that was nigh on 30 years ago now and I was in my teens.  But, do you know?  At a day off 45, it still brought me that joyful glee it did as a teenager.  In a world full of hard work as we come out of a recession, and doom and gloom on the news, we all need a bit of joy and laughter in our lives, don’t you think?

What’s this got to do with marketing and creating a successful business?

Nothing in itself.  But the happier you feel; the more joy you feel in your heart; the more you will be able to express that through your business to your clients.  And it’ll make them happier too.  Surely, that’s got to be a good thing?  Happiness and joy is good for business – for everyone.

So my recommendation for you today is – go and find yourself some leaves and kick through them with a laugh and a smile on your face!  Go and spread a little happiness and a little joy.  The world needs you to.  If you make the difference to just one person today, you just never know what happiness they will spread to one other person.  And that person’s happiness can spread to one other person….

…..and in that case, who cares if someone is watching?!

Dedicated to your success,


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