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How To Get The Best Out of Social Media

By April 21, 2015 Social Media No Comments

Who do we pay more attention to on social media?  Those who sell, sell, sell and automate everything, or those who engage with everyone else and take part in the conversation?

I think it’s a difficult balance to get right if you’re running a business because you obviously need to sell your products and services.  I’ve had to learn it over the years and through trial and error, I eventually found the right balance.  I was delighted then to discover a book that confirmed what I had discovered.  The book is called “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuck.

What Gary says is that you give, give, give first, then ask for something.

So, give information that you’ve written yourself, forward on interesting articles and tweets, forward relevant links to infographics and videos, and take part in the conversation.

For every four or five of those you do, then you can have one “ask”.  Ie “Sign up to this free webinar or newsletter”, or “Buy my book”.

It never quite works out like that of course: if you’re promoting an event, then you will have to have a couple of weeks of promotional messages going out.  But generally if you give information and take part (live!) more than you ask, then people will listen and respond when you do ask.

A quick, final word on automation.  I love HootSuite for its ability to schedule tweets and posts throughout the week.  I find it’s great for telling people about my new blog posts, or indeed when I’m promoting an event.  It certainly makes marketing easier.  However, nothing can build relationships like you personally.  So, yes, indeed use automation.  But do also spend a little time each day being live and present on your social media accounts.

Action Steps For This Week:

Spend 30 minutes planning the content/information that you will be sending our over the next month.  It makes life so much easier when you come to your weekly blogs and newsletters if you have a content schedule.

Plan 15 minutes in your diary each day to go live on your main social media accounts.  Try different times of the day to see who’s there; it changes throughout the day.

Take 5 minutes to sign up to Google Alerts for key words related to your industry.  A quick scan through these each day (you’ll get an email) will help you find wonderful information from around the web that you can forward to your followers.

Have a great week!
To Your success,

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