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Get to the point, and quick!

By March 28, 2011 Copywriting, Selling, USP No Comments

Are you busy? Short of time? More to do than there are hours in the day?

You are? Guess what, your potential clients probably feel much the same.

The average attention span on a web page these days is about 3 (yes – three) seconds. That’s it, just 3 seconds before they click away. That’s longer than it has just taken you to read to this point in the article.

Still here?

When someone asks you “What do you do”, or even better, “What can you do for me”, how do you answer?

Do you “get to the point” quickly? If you don’t, it’s likely they have already mentally “clicked away”.

You may have heard me talking about “elevator pitches” in past blog posts. If you are active in any networking groups you’ve probably heard lots of 30 second to 2 minute “pitches” from other business owners. What do you think when you listen to them? Do some immediately grab your attention and make you sit up and listen?…..or does your mind wander through others and you’re left wondering what on earth it is that they actually do?

When we mentally click away from people, why do we do it? There are a host of complex reasons, but right up there is the fundamental one that you’ve already decided that there is nothing of benefit to you in what the other person is saying.

Your job as a business owner, therefore, is to make sure that people don’t “˜click away’ from you. It takes real skill from highly experienced copywriters to get the one key message across within three seconds, and one that also prompts us to act upon it. Over the next few days, I encourage you to take a look at ads on TV, in magazines, on billboards, online and notice which ones work for you and which ones don’t.

What can you learn from these?

By studying what the experts do – you can imitate this for your own business. Learn how to get your one key (benefit laden) message across in 30 seconds or less.

So, that’s it for this week. Get to the point, and quick!

Have a fabulous week,

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