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What if I gave YOU a fortune?

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Wow! Did you hear the farmer Robert Worsley on the radio yesterday morning? Robert is a farmer in beautiful Sussex – a place I have a major affinity to as I was born and grew up there. Some developers offered Robert 100 times the value of his farm so they could build on it. That equates to £275 MILLION. Not to be sniffed at by anybody’s standards. (Here’s the news story if you missed it).

However, Robert did “sniff at it” and turned it down. He said that selling the land to developers would go against all his principles and would affect many other people in Sussex.

Many moons ago, when I worked in London, I was head hunted for a job at a a top London ad agency to work on a cigarette brand. It was a prestigious agency, a big salary with perks, a great car and a senior position where I would make a good name for myself amongst people that notice these things. Except I gave them a categoric “no”. You see, I have never smoked, can’t stand cigarettes, and don’t want anything to do with them. So a job promoting them goes right against all my principles, my values and what I believe in. Who knows where that particular path may have taken me if I had accepted, but I prefer to sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that I live a life congruent to my beliefs and values.

To this day, I won’t work with anybody, or with products or services that I don’t believe in. As a marketer, I don’t need experience in an industry to advise on the correct marketing strategy for a particular product or service, but I DO need to believe in it, and that person does need to share my values.

Maybe that’s just me, but I think that if they were more people around like Robert who had such strong beliefs, values and principles that they were prepared to turn down a massive sum of money, then this world would be a much better place.

So my question to you is – do you know exactly where your beliefs and values are? What your principles are? What you are prepared to do – or not do? Who you are prepared to work with?

Spending a few minutes checking in with your values can be a powerful tool for your business – and life – decision making process.

And how do you know they’re the right ones?

Let me offer you £275 million to go against them and let’s see… :o)

To Your Success,

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