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Have you ever looked at your client list, and considered who you have got on there?  Do you have a list full of clients that you are thrilled to be working with, or do you have clients that make your heart sink at the thought of meeting with them?  Or do you have a mixture?It’s interesting isn’t it?  We can cling onto the whole of our client list “safe” in the knowledge that we have the “right” amount of clients to fulfill our business objectives…but it actually never works out like that.

The clients who make our hearts sink are also the ones that cancel meetings, don’t have enough money to pay for the required time with you (you know they need six sessions, they start going flakey after three), they want to negotiate your fees, complain about your booking and cancellation policies, are moaners and groaners…and from your point of view, you just can’t get excited about working with them.

It doesn’t have to be this way!  There are enough clients in the world for all of us, and for you to get the most joy and satisfaction out of your business then you need to find the clients who bring you the most joy!

I’ve previously written about using your instinct when choosing your clients, and I stand by that.  However, let’s also look at your client list in another way and try these few steps:

  1. First, make a list of qualities that you DON’T want in a client
  2. Then turn that list into the qualities that you DO want in a client
  3. Make a list of all of your clients…and then compare the above quality lists with them (the do wants and the don’t wants).
  4. Give every single one of your clients a category: an ‘A’ if they match all of the qualities that you love and want in a client, a ‘D’ if they match all of the qualities that you definitely do NOT want in a client, and a ‘B’ and a ‘C’ depending on the balance of qualities for those who fall in between the two.
  5. Re-sort your list so that all your A’s are at the top, followed by your B’s and so on.

When you look at that list – how do you feel about your D’s?  Do you feel uninspired when you think of them?  Does your heart sink?  Do you feel annoyed because they never pay you on time? Do you feel resentful when they call you?

How would you feel if you didn’t have them in your practice or as a client?Now look at your A’s.  How do you feel about these clients?  Excited? Thrilled? They’re a joy to work with?  They always pay on time, if not early?  They see you as an essential part of their business or their life?

I know who I would prefer to work with!

I make it a policy now to only take on clients who fall into my A category.  OK, this is very much about knowing precisely who your target perfect client is, and assuming you’ve done that work then going to find these becomes simple. Keep the description tight and focused.

For your D’s – be brave and ditch them!  Think of the relief when you do!

Your B’s and C’s – well, I would keep a watching brief over the B’s and some of the C’s.  Maybe some of the C’s would be better working with someone else; maybe they are someone else’s perfect client.

If you are crystal clear about who you want to work with, and you keep those clients firmly in your A category (OK, and maybe some B’s) of clients, then all you will feel is joy and excitement at working with them.  That will attract more of the same.

And wouldn’t that be perfect?

If you ever need any help with working out who your perfect clients are, then please do drop me a line or call me on 01452 223306.

Dedicated to your success
Kim x

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