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Five Reasons Not To Write a Blog

1. Do not even think about writing a blog unless you know why you are writing it in the first place. What purpose does it hold? What part does it play as part of your overall marketing plan? What do you want people to do as a result of reading your blog?

2. Don’t write a blog unless you know very clearly who you are writing it to. It’s not there for your amusement, it’s there for the amusement of your potential clients. Or to inform them, educate them, help them out, give them guidance, or make them think. How is your blog going to make a difference to their day? Will they be back for more?

3. Don’t attempt to write a blog until you know what language you are writing it in. No, I don’t mean your mother tongue, I mean the style and tone that reflects your brand values?what you’re about and how you want to present yourself to your world. Have you worked that out? You need to.

4. Don’t write a blog if you think that’s all you’re going to have to do to hit the jackpot. No, a blog needs to be part of a well thought out and well structured marketing strategy and plan. And you need to know why you’re writing one in the first place. Did I mention that already? Hmm, must be an important point then.

5. And, don’t even consider writing a blog unless you’re going to consistently and regularly add to it. Once every 6 months won’t do. Once a week, twice a week is perfect. There really is no point in doing it less than that. Plan your subjects in advance, and tie those subjects in with the rest of your marketing plan. Did I mention that already???

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