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Keep Your Eyes on That Finish Line


Not being a sports fan, I don’t often follow the major sports tournaments. However, a couple of weekends ago we arrived at my in-laws as they were watching Le Tour de France. Stunning scenery leaped from the screen as the cyclists shot through the Pyrenees as one, and for the next hour or so I was captivated.

Scenery aside, what amazed me was what was happening whilst these guys were on their bikes.

Whilst keeping speed, and going up some incredibly steep hills that quite frankly a normal car may have struggled a little with, they were swapping over water bottles with their support cars, having injuries patched up, and presumably discussing strategy over their headphones with their coaches.

Sportsmen at the peak of their fitness, and at the very peak of their training.

Literally at the top of their game.

Who are we then to judge? Us mere mortals who watch Le Tour de France from our comfy sofas and who haven’t learned what it takes to get to that level of cycling proficiency and physical fitness.

OK, so you and I personally may not judge, and instead sit and marvel at their prowess. But the French media and one French bystander decided that Chris Froome (in case you missed it – he was the British winner for the second time) was “obviously” taking drugs to be that good and thus deserved to have a bottle of urine thrown in his face.

I have no idea where they got that idea from, and I assume it wouldn’t matter whether the winning cyclist was British, German or Malaysian: they weren’t French and that became an issue in itself – for the French. And so they had to do something to bring Chris Froome down a peg or two and discredit his achievements.

Personally, I have nothing against the French. I do have an issue though with individuals who have a pop at people who work hard and go the extra five miles to take themselves to the very top of their game. You see this in business too: if you are ambitious for success and put your head above the parapet – someone will try and shoot you down. Through jealousy or what I don’t know.

It’s hard work building a successful business. It takes many new skills to be learned, often whist kids are arguing in the background or when you’re dog tired late at night. It takes much time and money investment (family holiday…or invest in a coaching programme?). And it takes courage. Courage to rise up and get your name out there in a very public arena. Courage to voice your opinions in a world that can now take your comments viral in a matter of hours. And courage to do what you truly believe in.

And that courage, hard work, dedication and commitment is to be admired. Not shot down.

These people who criticise hide behind Facebook and email leaving the business owner feeling discouraged, angry and upset. Just as Chris Froome undoubtedly felt at having the urine thrown in his face.

Nevertheless he wiped his face and carried on, and ultimately won.

As you must do when someone tries to shoot you down on your own personal race.

Surround yourself with the right kind of friends, get yourself a good coach, keep that belief and faith in yourself, and keep your eyes on that “Arrivee” banner.

And you’ll do it.

Dedicated to your success,

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