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How To Find Your Niche

By April 14, 2015 Niche Marketing No Comments

There is a place in the market that is perfect just for you and it’s called your niche.

It’s a magic blend of:

  1. What you excel at and love doing
  2. What big problem your customers have, and
  3. What solution you can bring to your customer to fix their big problem

I often describe this like bubbles that suddenly pop together when the conditions are right.

Your niche doesn’t have to be complicated (and more often than not, the simpler the better), but it does have to be right for you.

Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, but do worry about you’re doing and finding that unique and special place that is reserved just for you.

Action Step For This Week:

Spend 30 minutes answering these questions:

What it it that you love doing in your business; what problems you love to solve; what answers come easily to you?  What do you just “know” that others have to work at?  How often do you give advice about a particular subject?  What would you stand on your soap box about?

What do your clients or customers always ask you about?  What crops up time and time again as their Number 1 problem?  What do you find yourself helping them with many times?  What makes their eyes light up with delight when you have answered a question for them?

What are the ways that you have helped your clients best?  What do you enjoy doing the most?  How do they learn best from you?  (Coaching, teaching, doing it for them, writing about it…?).

Then look at where you can bring these answers together in a simple sentence.  It will be “right” when it “clicks” for you.

Good luck!

To Your Success,

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