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Feeling tired?

soooo tired

Tiredness is a bug bear of the small business owner.  Not only do you end up working late into the night after the kids have gone to bed (which wouldn’t be so bad, but you will have worked all day as well), but your brain can be full to capacity of “stuff”. 

Our role as business owner stretches our brain into the far reaches of the corners of places we didn’t know existed.  What seemed to be a simple idea of “I’ll just sell my home made cakes/set up a beauty salon/my own accountancy practice/life coaching practice/[insert your business here]” – turns into you having to acquire knowledge of cashflow, budgets, VAT, HMRC legislation, business strategies, marketing strategies, sales strategies, marketing funnels, product creation, marketing tools, sales closing techniques, business card design, customer service, …and the list goes on.  And on.

No wonder we feel knackered most of the time!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of taking time out for you, to nourish your spirit and to fill up your energy levels.  There’s a good reason for this.

Energetically, we need to be in tip top condition to keep on top of everything that is involved in running our business.

But when we feel tired, the kind of tiredness that doesn’t ever really go away, it’s our body’s way of telling us that we’re heading for an illness.  Sometimes we can get off lightly with a cold, sometimes it could be more serious.  What starts as feeling stressed, and getting headaches and constant colds today…can end up as something altogether more serious in a few months’ time.

Disease, or rather dis-ease, is our body telling us that it is out of balance, it’s not in harmony, it is literally not at ease with itself. 

And it starts to give us this message by making us feel tired, in the hope that we might actually take note and slow down to rest!

If you want a successful business that will make a difference in your customers’ lives in whatever capacity you work in, then it is vital that you look after yourself first.  You cannot give off yourself if you are not in 100% mind and body health yourself.  You cannot give 100% energy to your business, if you do not have 100% of your energy to give to it.

OK, so what can you do about it?

Firstly, listen.  Listen to your body.  How tired are you really?  How low in energy are you feeling?  Is this a passing feeling because you had a late night last night…or have you been feeling like this for a while?

Then take notice. Be present with your body and its energy levels and how it is feeling.  Take a few minutes to look inwards and “feel” how you are feeling.  Really feeling.  Ask yourself what you need to do to feel ‘right’ again: your body will tell you.  You may feel like you need to eat better, or to get more sleep, or to get outside in the fresh air more.  You may not have all the answers, but there are plenty of health practitioners around who can help you.

My own personal three line whip for good health and high energy is:

  • Excellent nutrition most of the time (and we’ll ignore the bread and butter I had at my mum’s at the weekend!);
  • Half hour daily exercise (walk in the woods anybody?);
  • Pursue my own hobbies three or four times a week minimum;
  • And, no working in the evenings.

OK, that’s a four line whip, but who’s counting?

Make this week the week you stop feeling tired.  Listen to your body, and take notice of what it says. 

Then take one small step to doing something about it.

Have a great week,
To Your Success,

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