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Feel The Terror and Do It Anyway

By April 23, 2015 Confidence No Comments
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During the Easter holidays Mr R took me out to fulfil one of my “bucket list” dreams.  I have had always wanted to walk behind a waterfall and as there aren’t any in Gloucestershire that I’ve yet discovered, off we went to deepest, darkest Wales.

In the Brecon Beacons there is a famous Four Waterfall Walk near Ystradfellte, and it is to one of these waterfalls that we headed.  It was a long walk downhill (which meant a very long steep walk uphill afterwards!) and we finally arrived at the river and waterfall.

Having arrived, with the water thundering down, I suddenly felt acutely nervous.  If I was being honest, then I was down right plain scared!  Here was something that I had wanted to do for most of my adult life – and I was inwardly shaking like a leaf.

I watched as lots of other visitors clambered over the rocks and merrily walked behind the cascading water.

Still terrified.

I was rooted to the spot.

Me, who’s normally extremely confident in pretty much everything, stood there, getting wet from the spray convincing myself that it really wasn’t a waste of time to walk for over an hour to not do what we’d set out to do.

Mr R took charge and grabbed my hand. And with fear and trepidation (on my part) we made our own way across the rocks towards the fall.

People were coming the other way, laughing at their experience; somehow that still didn’t convince me.  We had to stop and wait for many of them to pass us, so I was coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why we couldn’t possibly do this.  (Too many people; dogs look scared; too wet… too wet??…what?! )

Nonetheless, I kept hold of Mr R’s hand and focused on his back as we made our way behind the falls.

Nerves suddenly abated as we arrived. This was glorious!  Wet, yes, but definitely glorious!

What was all the fuss about?

OK, I was still a bit shaky but we stood behind the cascading water for a few minutes and then made our way out.

Item 34 of my bucket list: tick.

I don’t think this is a tale at all about comfort zones, but I do think though that if we want success in our lives and businesses then it is going to be a scary, fearful journey.  Sometime terrifying.  And sometimes people are going to get in your way, and other times you’re going to get very wet.

That’s life.

And that’s business.

But…. through holding the hand (literally or metaphorically) of someone you trust (a coach or a mentoring group for instance) and with them helping you to focus on the bit of the journey that’s just in front of you, you can get you precisely where you need to be.  And you can succeed in your business – and your life – despite the fear.

Click here for a very short video of what it’s like behind the falls – taken on my camera.

See you next week,
Dedicated to your success

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