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Fearful of Getting Your Prices Right?

Dancing Queen

On Sunday nights Nige and I go dancing.  We’re both addicts of swing dance and have been dancing the Jive for about four years now, and have recently taken up Lindy Hop. (Sadly, no video to show you…) (phew).  This particular Sunday in question was no exception and we spent a fun hour or so at our normal weekly lesson.

This week involved lots of fast twists and turns, for me at any rate, and the end result was that I came home with a very sore and pulled tricep muscle (yep, I think it’s still a muscle and hasn’t turned into a batwing yet!).

At 5 o’clock on the Monday morning I woke up in agony with my entire shoulder, neck, upper back and arm painful, sore and inflamed.  OUCH!  I’m quite used to aches and pains after dancing, but this was in a different arena, so on my way to my Monday morning meeting, I called in at the local osteopaths begging for an appointment.  She took my details, gave me some forms to fill in, and took my mobile number in case of cancellation. The first appointment was at 6pm on the following day – all that time to wait with a very sore back, shoulder and neck.

Now, in all my conversations with the receptionist, not once did we mention the fee for treatment.  And although, yes I do look after my pennies, all I wanted was the pain to go, so I was happy just to take my debit card and pay whatever it was.

Which is the point that I wanted to make: people very rarely buy on price, or price alone.  They buy because they have a problem, and they need you to fix it.  So what problem do you fix for your clients that they can’t – or don’t want to do – themselves?  When you’re thinking pricing, be proud of what you do for your clients, and therefore be proud in what you charge.

Too often we get caught up in our own fears about what we should or shouldn’t be charging, and that stops us from authentically and powerfully delivering our product or service to our clients.  If we feel uncomfortable about our prices, then our prospective clients will pick up on that, and the likelihood is that they won’t buy.  Moving your mindset to one of “problem fixing”…that you’re making their pain go away…will make the fearful aspect of pricing go away.

Do let me know of your experiences below!

To Your Success

Update: I am pleased to say that the osteopath worked her magic and my shoulder did recover after a few weeks!

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