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In case you missed it….and you probably did….there was a national vote for local Police Commissioners just recently, here in the UK.

I am all up for voting, but I didn’t on this occasion because I didn’t know who the local candidates were, nor why I would be voting for them.

I was joined in my non-vote by 85% of the rest of the voting age population.  TV news stories showed empty ballot boxes and bored polling station volunteers reading books and doing their knitting.

The general consensus was that the Government didn’t allow a budget for the sending out of leaflets on the candidates.  There was nothing anywhere, other than a website, to tell us who to vote for and why.  Sure, we can make up our own decisions, but decisions need to be based on clear information.

This was a classic case of no marketing = no results.

Marketing would have given the right information to the voting public.  That would have meant they could have decided who to vote for and why.  Which means they would have got themselves down to the polling station and cast their vote.  Unfortunately though, the polling station volunteers wouldn’t have got to finish their books and knitting!

In business – marketing has a number of jobs to do, but amongst others, it helps to put your company on your potential clients’ radar: you give them information, and they can then decide whether to talk with you further or to buy from you.

OK, a little simplistic maybe, but the Police Commissioners Vote gives a stark reminder of exactly why you need to be strategically marketing your business.  2013 is fast approaching: don’t let next year bring you a mere 15% turn out: your website and an odd tweet or ad does not marketing make!

Any professional marketer will be able to write you a marketing plan.  Get it written and then get it implemented.  The results could astound you!

It’s just a shame that whoever organised the Police Commissioner’s Vote didn’t speak to a marketing agency, or if they did, didn’t follow their advice – which I’m absolutely positive would not have amounted to “let’s just put up a website….”.

Their results could have been very, very different!

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