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Does your business truly inspire you?

Two and a half years ago I woke up one morning to discover I couldn’t move. Not only that, I was in severe and crippling pain. When I did manage to coax my body out of bed (and I was only 40 then, not 105!) I couldn’t stand up straight and could hardly put one foot in front of the other.

My best friend arrived like a beacon of light and looked after my kids, fed them and my husband, and drove me the 50 mile round trip to go see my osteopath?the only one I would trust to lay a hand on me in this amount of excruciating pain. Not only could I not stand up straight, but I couldn’t sit either, nor walk?all in all I was in a complete mess.

My osteopath diagnosed a muscle spasm in my lower back and hip, and packed me off to the GP to get some muscle relaxants (they didn’t work) and some heavy duty pain killers (no effect either).

A muscle spasm sounds nothing, but I can tell you that the pain was somewhere equalling childbirth. And it lasted at that intensity for about three weeks. In the end I had to take four months out of my business to recover properly and I still get the odd twinge down my leg now just to remind me of that time.

When I look back though, this was oddly a good period of my life. Before then my business was going in a direction that I didn’t want, and I was working with people who didn’t want my skills. I was, if I was honest, uninspired and didn’t feel at all like I was moving in the direction of my dreams in life, and the goals for my business.

Taking four months out of this business, therefore, didn’t have that much of an impact in the long run. But what did happen, through this enforced stoppage, is that I had time to think. Really think about what I wanted to do, what I wanted to offer to the world, what difference I wanted to make and to whom I wanted to make that difference. I was stuck on the sofa for a lot of that time, so all I could do successfully was think.

Somehow my body had ensured that I stopped travelling down a path I didn’t want and was making me unhappy, and put me on a new path. Fairly dramatically, it has to be said, but a new path nonetheless.

And that new path became Merrie Marketing as it is today. OK, I’m not “there” yet, but I’m now doing what I love doing, working with people and clients who inspire me and who I’m passionate about working with, and I’m generally having a ball!

How often have you spent quality time reflecting on your business? Is it going where you want it to go, or is it making you unhappy and not fulfilling you? Are you working with the kind of clients who inspire you, and pay what you’re worth – or are they draining you emotionally as well as through your pocket?

Marketing becomes a breeze when you’re passionate and clear about what you do and who you do it for. But sometimes, we have to work through the chaos and the pain to get to where we need and want to be. And I can promise you it’s worth it in the end.

Have a great week!
Dedicated to your success,

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