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Do you write the songs that make your whole world sing?

Having been a fan of Barry Manilow for nigh on 30 years (now, there’s an admission!), I pretty much know the words to all of his songs, and it never fails to amaze me that every time he sings, he sings with 100% emotion and a feeling that reaches out and touches every single one of his fans individually. That’s quite a talent.

In his live shows (worth going to – he’s a great showman), you get the feeling that he’s just singing to you personally.

So, what’s he got that others haven’t?

I once read an interview with him about how he does that, and I quote the master himself:

I used to take acting classes and I was taught how to break down every line of every song as if it were a script. Where am I? Who am I singing to? Why am I singing it? During “˜Please Don’t Be Scared’ from one of my early albums, for example, I was singing to my mother, who was dying in a hospital at the time. That’s a pretty heavy scenario, really hot emotionally? very hard to do, and with that scene in my head, the song exploded night after night. That’s what I do with every song. I’ve broken down every song as if it were a scene.

‘You try doing “˜Can’t Smile Without You’ for 30 years. Believe me, you’d get bored. But I don’t get bored, because every time I sing that line, which comes up 15 times, I have to figure a way of making it sound sincere each time. If I didn’t do it like that, I couldn’t do 30 years of this. I’d just be throwing the songs away night after night, and audiences wouldn’t come back. I just call it finding the truth within a song.”

(For Manilow fans, the full article is here)

And herein lies a brilliant message in marketing.

It’s something I already teach my mentoring clients – and that is to direct all your marketing communications at one person.

Whether you’re writing an ad, an ezine article, a blog, recording a podcast or video – the trick is to talk to just one person. And communicate the core truth of what it is about you and your products or services, that will truly make a difference to that one person.

That person needs to be someone that typifies your target market, AND someone who inspires you to get your message across to them.

That way, however many times you communicate the same message, however many times you communicate something new, you will always be able to reach out and touch the mind and heart of your target audience. They will feel special?as if you were talking to them personally.

And if you can talk to them personally, and have an effect on them at a personal level, then they will listen to you and what you have to say.

And THAT is powerful marketing.

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