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Do you trust your heart – and your instinct?

Last week we had the next stage of filming of our renovations and had Piers the architect round for a day’s filming.  His job is to make a whole load of cost saving suggestions and give us alternative ideas for our (many) projects.  Very fortunately the production assistant was writing everything down which they will be emailing me – it’s very difficult to write notes whilst you have a camera pointing at you for five hours!

Anyway, it was an interesting day where, ultimately, his advice was that we should spend our (finite) pot of money on Stage Two of our renovation plans – namely to get the kitchen done – rather than our original plan of doing the lounge.  This is a huge project and will involve lots of other jobs.  We could see sense in what he was saying, and his idea to move the dining area and utility room so we could make full ‘use’ of one of our views was genius.  Actually, it was entirely obvious when he suggested it, so I don’t know why we hadn’t thought about it before, but sometimes you need an outsider looking in to point out the obvious!

However, when Mr R and I sat down and talked through everything on our own over the weekend, it was very clear that from a project (and budget) planning perspective, we felt it was completely right for us to tackle the lounge first – which always was going to be Project One.  We had already pointed out to the Director that he wouldn’t have a TV programme if we did the kitchen because we wouldn’t be able to finish it on time for their filming schedule.

Filming schedules aside, what is right for US is to complete our living room.  We’re quite happy to incorporate a couple of the time and cost saving ideas that Piers suggested and get our lounge done. (Don’t tell anybody, but one of the ideas that he came up with on camera that we said “Oh, that’s a good idea…” was one we had already thought of!!).

We want to get this room done for all manner of reasons, not least because psychologically it will give us a lovely room to go to at the end of the day.  Our instinctive and heart-felt reaction was that this is the room we need to do first; it’s what felt right for us, and so this will be the first project, despite advice to the contrary, and despite the fact that getting the kitchen done would make better TV!

Now, the same goes for businesses.  As a business owner you are likely to know what direction you want your business to go in.  As part of your growth journey you will no doubt hire a variety of experts and coaches to advise you.  They are likely to come up with a bevy of excellent suggestions that you previously hadn’t thought of, and will be able to guide and advise you in areas that aren’t your specialism.

You are also likely to agree with many of their advice and suggestions, and integrate them into your business and marketing plans.  Sometimes though, ideas will be suggested to you that may seem completely sound on the surface, but make you feel uncomfortable inside.  Maybe they make you feel stressed or disjointed, but you’re not entirely sure why.

When this happens, listen to what your heart and instinct is telling you.  Your instinct is there to protect you, so don’t under-estimate the power of what you are feeling.  If you ignore what your heart and instinct tells you, you are likely to come up against issues in your business later on.  Problems arise, revenue falls, and everything becomes much harder work.  Not great for business growth, let alone your personal satisfaction and self esteem.

So, let your heart and your instinct guide you as to what’s right for you and your business, for you and your family, and for you personally.

And enjoy the resulting growth.

See you next week,

Dedicated to your success,

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