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Is it time to ditch what you’re doing?

By May 21, 2015 Outsourcing No Comments
Patchwork star

The photo above is of a foundation pieced star block.  It’s destined for the corner of a wall hanging, and I thus have another three to make.

Except – this was made using a technique called foundation piecing.  I’ve done foundation piecing before and didn’t have any trouble with it, but for some reason, the way you had to make this one up was stretching my brain to places it didn’t necessarily want to go on a sunny Saturday afternoon on a workshop in deepest Gloucestershire.

Not only that, it wasn’t getting the results I wanted: the corners weren’t quite matching up, and the grain line of the fabric ended up going in different directions which, to a perfectionist like myself, was very irritating.

Yesterday I was chatting to my normal teacher (I’ve been going to patchwork and quilting classes for 18 months now) and bemoaning the fact that I had to make another three like this and I really wasn’t enjoying the process of foundation piecing for this particular block.

“Don’t do it then” said Jane.

And do you know – the weight immediately lifted off my shoulders!  Sewing is a big hobby of mine, and it should be enjoyable and relaxing.  I’m all for a challenge and learning new techniques, but I want to enjoy what I do.

And so, the other three corners will be made using a far more traditional – and much more enjoyable – method and will take me half the time to whizz together, with a lot less hassle.

How often do you struggle on with a technique, a process, a job that has to be done within your business that you just don’t enjoy doing; and it feels too much like hard work.

Well ditch it.

Find another way of doing it, or find someone else to do it, but ditch it.

And feel that pressure lift!

Have a great weekend,
Dedicated to your success,

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