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How To Choose The Right Content for Your Marketing Newsletters

Content is King

Content is King – and Queen – and Knight, Page and all the courtiers – of marketing these days.  Long gone are the days where we can push our wares aggressively onto an unsuspecting public and hope they buy.  Today we have to think about choosing the right content for our marketing newsletters.

Buyers are very savvy and have far too much advertising and promotional activity put in front them (aka shoved in their face, which even as a marketer I disagree with) and thus have to blank out most of it in case their brains self implode.

Personally, I hate browsing the internet for product or service X, only for ads appearing for stuff that I’ve already bought!  What’s that all about for goodness sake?

I digress…

What we have to do is pull our intended prospects in gently through the content that we publish in our marketing newsletters.  If people like it, like your tone, like what you’re about, and it hits a mark with them, then they will warm to you and (the plan is) buy what you have to sell.  It then becomes a much gentler way of selling; really, you’re helping your suspects to become prospects, your prospects to become leads, and your leads to become buyers.  It becomes a positive experience for all concerned.

Nevertheless, with SO much content you could choose to publish, how DO you make that choice?

So, here are my top five tips based on what I do:

  • Write (or record, video, make a webinar etc) on what you are passionate about and know lots about.  People can smell boredom and fakery from a distance.
  • Do your research.  Ask what your customers/prospects want help with.  If you’ve been on my mailing list for a while, you’ll know that I carry out an annual survey, and that helps me plan my content in advance.  Make sure that what your customers and prospects want help with align with point one above though.
  • Plan your content for your marketing newsletters around what product or service you are currently focusing on in your business plan.  I launched Merrie Mail at the beginning of June, so my content is currently all on newsletters, databases and list building (which I hope you’re finding useful!).  When I build up to my next launch in the Autumn, you’ll see the content change.  What could you do?  Look at your business plan for the year and plan your content accordingly.
  • Recurring annual events can provide topics of interest if they are relevant to you and your business.  How could you link up what you do with Wimbledon, the F1 season, the school summer holidays……?
  • Notice the news and the world around you.  Set up Google Alerts for your industry.  Are there any trending stories that you could base your content on?  Are there any stories that you have an opinion on or could comment on, or tie in with what you do?

And whatever you write about, be genuine and be yourself.

I hope that’s useful, but if you do need any help and advice on creating the right content plan for your marketing newsletters and how to tie that in with the rest of your promotional activity, then please book a completely friendly, free and no obligation 30 minute Email Marketing Strategy Session with me today:

Click here now to schedule a time.

Dedicated to your success,

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