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Straight road

Straight roadA client was wondering why their marketing wasn’t as successful as it could be. Having analysed their marketing activities, there were indeed busy on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, had a newsletter running and an up to date website.

What was obvious however was that in each place, their strapline and messaging was completely different. Not even similar. Completely different.

If I tell you on Facebook that I sell bananas.

And on Twitter that I’m an expert in container logistics.

And then on my website I say I ship fruit…

…you’re going to get very confused.

And the minute any potential client or customer gets confused, they won’t buy.

So keep your marketing messages consistently the same. Whatever your key message is – stick to it.

Result: no more confusion.

Action Step For This Week:

Spend 30 minutes looking at all your marketing – your social media accounts, your websites, your leaflets, your brochures, whatever it is that you have.

Are all the straplines the same? Are all the key messages the same? Are all your bio’s the same?

If not, change them so they are.

Dedicated to your success as always,

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