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Can you promote your business in 7 seconds or less?

Over the weekend I received a mailing (a real, live one, in the post!) from a well known insurance company that started off with a good catchy headline.


It lost me.

I didn’t understand what it was offering me within the first couple of sentences, and there wasn’t any amusing or interesting text either to make me read on.

And so I didn’t.

Back in the prehistoric days when I qualified as a marketer, we had to learn exciting facts such as the “seven second rule”. In this instance, this is the amount of time that you have to get your message across on a billboard roadside poster as a car passes.

Except these days, as consumers we are barraged with information from every direction throughout the day, and so the attention span we have to take in marketing messages gets less and less.

The recognised time you have to get your message across on your website is under 3 seconds. That’s not very long.

And I suspect that is pretty much the time we give most marketing messages, unless something in it piques our interest and we want to read on.

So, whatever it is you’re promoting, in whatever medium, you have a responsibility to yourself and your business to make sure that your target audience knows immediately what it is you’re trying to tell them, otherwise you’ve lost them – and their business.

Have a great week!
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