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Is It Time To Talk To The Bullocks?


Meet my new friends.

Having been stuck at my desk for days on end getting everything ready for the new service launch next week, I was beginning to wonder if I had indeed been moulded to my office chair.  Comfortable as it is, and not being 21 anymore (OK, OK, I know that may come as a surprise to you), my back was beginning to seize up having not been out for my morning walks for a few days.

And so off I headed.  Isn’t it strange how odd the outside world looks when you’ve been stuck inside for a few days?!  It seems brighter and more alive somehow.

About half a mile from home, I was conscious of being watched from a field on my right.  Big brown curious eyes stared at me from across the pasture, and as I walked the length of the field, he ambled over towards me.  I stopped to say hello to him and within a couple of minutes this young bull was closely followed by all his mates.  Suddenly we moved from an intimate “tete a tete” to a full blown party!

And so for the next 20 minutes, I had a grand old time chatting to my new friends and feeding them handfuls of long, luscious grass from my side of the fence.  (By the way, I think the adage “the grass is always greener…” is absolutely always true when you’re bovine ……)

To be honest, I don’t think I would have been quite so brave if the fence hadn’t been there, having had a couple of frightening incidences in the past being in a field with a herd of over curious bullocks.  But with some steel separating us, it was a refreshing experience to chat to something other than my pc screen and the cat.

They offered no real help or insight.  They didn’t have anything sensible or inspirational to say.  They did keep demanding more of my long grass.  And to a couple of them I had to explain the laws of biology…two males just ain’t gonna cut it as far as the future of the bovine population is concerned.

What they did do was refresh my brain.  They made me laugh.  And I now have a whole bunch of new friends to go talk to.

Yesterday there was a report on the news about learning bird song.  The best the interviewed people could recall, when asked what bird song they knew, were chickens, crows and….. “tweet tweet tweet”. (Really!).

Maybe it’s time we stopped and listened to the bird song.

Maybe it’s time we stopped and did something different.

Maybe it’s time you went outside to feel alive and refreshed again.

And maybe it’s time for us all to talk to the bullocks.

See you next week,
Dedicated to your success,

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