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Eight Simple Ways to Easily Build Your Email Marketing List

By June 16, 2015 email marketing No Comments
Email Marketing
Last week, I spoke about why you mustn’t – and can’t – build your database from all those business cards that you collect at networking events.  See that post here.

I thought this week then it would be good to give you eight simple ways to easily build your mailing list:

  1. Ask!  If you meet someone, you get on well, and they express an interest in what you do – you can ask them if they’d like to go on your newsletter list.  Simple – but it works!  Make sure you make a note and put the date on their business card so that you have a record of when they agreed.
  2. Create a free giveaway, also called an ethical bribe.   This could be a pdf document, an audio programme, a short video series, or even a short written course that gets automatically delivered to their inbox.  Promote this across your social media and anywhere else you go, and when people sign up to get this, they put themselves on to your newsletter list.  NB I personally like to tell people that they are also registering to receive my newsletter.
  3. Give talks on your area of expertise – and hand out a form at the end asking people to sign up to your newsletter.  This works better if you also have a free giveaway.
  4. Create a joint venture with a business owner in a complementary business to you (someone you genuinely like, respect and admire).  Write a blog post, or promote a product (or your free giveaway) to their list, and let them do the same to your list.
  5. Put a QR code on the back of your business card, or indeed on printed marketing literature you have.  Most of the auto-responders these days have a QR code generator built into their system, so when you create the list within the auto-responder, it will automatically create a QR code for you.
  6. Have a sign up link on every single page of your website.  An often missed tactic, but very easy to do.
  7. Put a pop up sign up form on your site.  In all honesty, I personally don’t like them (you know the ones – you’re on a web page somewhere happily reading, and a small sign up form pops up asking you to sign up).  However, they do work, so if you don’t mind them, they are very easy to set up with your auto-responder. And the purposes of science, I will be trying it on my site for a while, so I shall let you know how it goes!
  8. Watch your language!  We talk about asking people to “sign up” to our list.  My own opinion is that “sign up” has a rather weak, negative tone.  So consider changing the words on the “sign up” link or button to something more positive – a far more powerful call to action.  How about “Subscribe now”, “Count me in!”, “Yes please!” or “Send the free report to me NOW!”?  There are plenty of other ideas out there if you look.

I hope that helps spark some ideas for you.  But if you do need some more help and are confused about how auto-responders can help you, then please book a completely friendly, free and no obligation 30 minute Email Marketing Strategy Session with yours truly today:

Dedicated to your success,

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