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Red Bow tie

On my travels I meet with a number of lovely people from all sorts of disciplines who struggle with their marketing.
Although there are many reasons for that, one of the most fundamental reasons is that they haven’t got a clear difference between them and the next man or woman in their field.

What makes you – a recruitment consultant – different from all the other recruitment consultants out there?

What makes you – a business coach – different from all the other business coaches out there?

What makes you – a life coach – different from all the other life coaches out there?

What make you – a web designer – different from all the other web designers out there?

What makes me – a marketer – different from all the other marketers out there?

And – to be very current – what make ‘your’ political party different from all the other political parties out there?!

Often the “what” of what you do is the same as everyone else. Recruitment consultants place people in jobs. Business coaches grow businesses and their owners. Life coaches grow people. Web designers design websites. Marketers get you more of the right kind of clients and customers.

The difference then is going to be down to you. Who you are. How you are. What you believe in. What your values are. What you do that’s different.

Your job is to create a different voice in a world that can sound very much the same to the listening public.

Andy Raynor of AR Website Design has a regular competition that he video blogs about and promotes on social media.

Stu of Audacious Creative blogs about deeply inspiring and moving stories.

Steve Pitt of Steve Pitt Graphic Design uses his unique hair style in all his branding.

And in a world that is confined by compliance issues and restrictions, and arguably could be more difficult than most, Nicholas Lee of Financial Life Plans has a brilliant video and written blog and is completely branded around his red bow tie. A stroke of genius! He gets a fundamentally boring and very necessary subject area across in a wonderful, gently humorous and thought provoking way. Very worth watching, reading and listening to what he says. But also see how he has made himself different and stood himself out from the crowd.

Action Step For This Week

What is your bow tie?

Spend 30 minutes thinking about who you are and what you are.

Write a list of your values and think about what you believe in.

Think about yourself. What is it about you that defines you?

Find that difference.

Then focus on it.

And use it as your hook that separates you out from the rest.

If you need help answering any of those questions, do contact me for a free 30 minute Marketing Insight Consultation by calling me on 01452 223306.

Dedicated to your success,

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