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How To Get Better Results From Your Marketing

By April 28, 2015 Goal Setting, Vision No Comments
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It was my son’s 12th birthday yesterday. It only seemed like last week that I held him in my arms as a new born; today he’s a hulking great pre-teen, and already well-practiced in the art of door-slamming.

Whether it was anything to do with him reaching 12, I don’t know, but over breakfast yesterday he announced that he was going to start doing things differently.

“What in particular?” I gently enquired, hoping that “Not arguing with mum” was one of his new strategies for life.

No such luck…but instead he said, “I’m going to start getting better grades at school”.

“OK…. and how are you going to do that?” asks I.

“I’m going to work harder, not chat to Fraser in class, concentrate in lessons and spend more time on my homework.”

Having picked myself off from the floor in shock, I then asked why he wanted to do this.

“Well,” he said, “I want to be a games designer when I’m 20, and there are only two types – those who get paid very well, and those who don’t get paid very much at all. I want to get paid very well as a games designer, so I need to learn how to be a games designer and that means I need to work hard at school.”

Simple logic, and I have no idea whether that’s correct about the games designer world, but it doesn’t matter because what Sam has done is:

  • Work out where he wants to be (his ultimate goal)
  • Realised he’s not currently on the right path (not getting good enough grades)
  • Figured out what changes he needs to make, and how he’s going to get those grades (study more, not chat to Harrison etc)
  • Attached that action to a strong reason why (become a well-paid games designer).

  • I applaud him for that. And coming to that conclusion for himself will always be infinitely better that his somewhat harassed mother trying to cajole him into working hard at school.

    What’s this got to do with marketing?

    Well, marketing can be difficult. It takes time, energy, knowledge, commitment, continual analysis and a consistent level of maintained activity to get results.


    Action Step For This Week

      Ask yourself:

      1. Where are you trying to get to with your business? What are you trying to achieve?
      2. Why is your marketing currently not working? (Be honest, or seek advice from a professional)
      3. How can you make it work better? (Again, be honest, or seek advice from a professional)
      4. What will it mean to you if you could make the marketing get better results for you?
      5. Have you got a strong reason why you want your business to make those levels of achievement in Question 1?

      If you need help answering any of those questions, do contact me for a free 30 minute Marketing Insight Consultation by calling 01452 223306.

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