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Do You Believe?

Father Christmas

Our Sainsbury’s delivery arrived yesterday complete with a jar of Hellman’s Mayo.  Relief all round from the family, who think this an essential accompaniment to the weekly chips.  Not so much relief from yours truly after I noticed that the jar is now Christmas branded.  With eight weeks to go, do we really need “Ho Ho Ho” on our jars of mayonnaise?

Seemingly we do, and that combined with half price Christmas cards in WH Smith’s, means that it’s probably about time I started to make the odd pre-Christmas preparation. 

One of the REALLY important things to prepare for is getting the kids to think about what they want from Father Christmas.  Actually, that’s never a hard job; all year they always have a long list of “must haves” on the go, most of which I ignore due to items being ridiculously over-priced (£119 for a plastic castle?? Really??) / inappropriateness / it’s not birthday or Christmas / I’m just not giving in. 

Sam at aged 11 now knows the truth of Father Christmas (no spoilers here, so I won’t let you in on the “truth” of F. Xmas!) so doesn’t bother with writing a letter and sending it up the chimney.  Charlie, however, at aged 7 still very much believes in the man himself and always writes a beautiful, illustrated letter with many kisses and hearts at the bottom.

There is true magic in her belief: from writing her letter, putting it on the fire to send up the chimney, to rushing outside to ‘watch’ the fairies whisk it away to the elves.  Then the candle lit sparkle of Christmas Eve – going to the Christingle service, hanging up her stocking, and then (not so magic) persuading her to a) go to sleep, and b) not wake up until at least 6am (there’s optimism for you).

To Charlie, there is NO question that Father Christmas exists.  The sheer delight and joy on Christmas morning is (mostly) worth the 4.30am wake up call.  She believes; and so Father Christmas comes and leaves her what she has asked for.

The question is – do you believe?  Not so much in Father Christmas (although I’m completely with you if you want to!), but in yourself and your plans.  If you were to write a letter to Father Christmas, utterly safe in the knowledge that what you asked for would be delivered, what would you ask for?

Write that list – how does it feel?  Are you excited and thrilled at the prospect of receiving your “gifts”?  Do you just “know” that you will get what you’ve asked for….what you’ve planned for?  

Or do you feel jaded and passion-less about it, and know that you won’t get them?  And if that’s the case – I suspect you’re probably right.

If it IS the latter, what could you ask instead for that would make you feel full of passion and excitement?

That passion and excitement will lead to you believing.

And if you believe, then you will make it happen.

No man in red suit required.


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