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Be True To Your Groove

A while back I sat down with the kids to watch a Disney film starring an ancient Egyptian called Kronk, who ran a restaurant (OK, OK, just bear with me?.).

Kronk loved running this restaurant, was evidently very good at it, and his customers adored him. He’d wanted to be a cook since he was little and he was now living his dream, turning out a wide variety of delicious meals day in-day out for his regular patrons.

One day though, he received a letter. It was a letter from his father who was coming to visit. Cue panic.

You see, his father didn’t want him to be a cook, he wanted him to be something else entirely. Except our hero didn’t belong in that other world – he only ever wanted to be a cook. But, in fear of his soon-to-arrive father, he and his loyal customers spent the next little while trying to cover up what he was doing so that he could pretend to be something he wasn’t.

Except it didn’t work. He was very miserable trying to be something he wasn’t.

Eventually, via a few funny sketches and everyone bursting into song to sing “Be True To Your Groove” (obviously Ancient Egypt was the place to be!), his father finally came round, and everyone lived happily ever after doing what they loved doing, in a perfect Disney ending.

And so here’s my message to you.

Are you being true to YOUR groove?

Do you offer products or services in your business because you feel you “have” to, or because it’s expected of you? If you do, then get rid of them – fast!

True passion and purpose for your business doesn’t come until you love every aspect of what you’re doing. And if you’re absolutely passionate about what you’re doing for your clients, then your marketing will flow and follow with ease.

And if you ever feel like breaking into song, or seeing the effect that Kronk had over his town, here’s the soundtrack (enjoy!):

Have a great week,
Dedicated to your success,

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