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dried fruit

On the hunt for a Christmas Cake recipe, I found a great recipe on a major woman’s magazine website that had all my favourite dried fruits, and looked light enough to enjoy on an already full Christmas Day stomach.

I read the list of ingredients – currants, sultanas, dried apricots, dried figs, mixed spice, whisky…so far, so good.

I read the first instruction.

“Melt the jam with water…”  What?  I’ve been making cakes for about 25 years or so, and melting jam has never been the first step.

Then…”To decorate…roll out the marzipan…”.  Err, decorate what?  I haven’t made anything yet.

Step 3 is fine, other than it should be step 1. 

Step 4 is OK too until you get to “add the whisky soaked fruit”.  Did I miss something?  When am I soaking the fruit?  For 20 minutes?  For an hour?  Overnight?  For a week? 

The last step leaves us hanging in the air with trepidation.  “To feed the cake…..pour a couple of tea.”  Tea….spoons – OK, I can suss that bit out.  How often do I have to feed it though?  Every day?  When I feed the cat?  Once a week?  Under cover of darkness and by the light of a waxing moon?

The thing is, this particular magazine has a reputation for being very trusted amongst its readership.

Now, I can cook, and am quite happy to bake a cake from a list of ingredients, including making an executive decision about how long to soak fruit for.

But what about cooks who are not so confident or are just beginning?  If I’m not so confident at something, I go to a well-known “name”, someone I can trust to tell me how to do it properly.  If there are typos in their marketing, or their instructions aren’t clear enough, or I get error messages on their website, then my initial trust in them begins to wane.  There will be a disconnect between their marketing message and my experience of them.

If your marketing lets you down; if it doesn’t live up to your brand message and brand values, then it will be very difficult to repair the broken trust with your potential customer.

So….next steps:

Over the next few days:

Double check your marketing: your ads, your social media, your website, your blogs, your business cards.

Look at them with a fresh eye – is anything missing? Does everything make sense?  Any typos or grammatical errors?

Get them fixed!

Dedicated to your success,

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