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Are you scared of promoting yourself?

One of my mentors said a phrase recently that I hadn’t heard before.  And that was “Step into your power”.  It was one of those big “Ah-ha” moments, when a few things become suddenly very crystal clear.

When I’m mentoring my personal clients, I spend a fair proportion of time looking at their mindset, and opening their minds to the vast possibilities that their skills and passions allow them to do.  If only they’d let themselves.

Everybody (and, yes, that includes you), has a special something to offer the world.  Or rather, a special something to offer a particular group of people who only want you.

And if you hide your light under a bushel, then you are not allowing them to make their lives better through using your services.  That means you’re denying someone else the chance for happiness.

Take Maryanne of (check out her site – amazing photos!)  for instance (sorry Maryanne!).  Her shots are stunning.  If I were her, I’d be singing my talents from the roof tops!  She has the ability to capture that special something in someone, and to make a person look stunning.  So, she’s not just taking photos, she’s capturing the true essence of someone, showing them at their absolute best.  And when people are shown at their absolute best, they become very happy!  What a skill to have! (way to go Maryanne!).

If you have worked out your true niche in life, then believe me, you will step into your power with confidence, and be able to promote your services with complete authenticity and self assuredness that comes with knowing that you are offering exactly the right kind of thing to the right kind of people. 

The fear of promoting yourself will be gone in an instant?rather, it gets replaced with an excitement of how many people you can make a difference to each day.  And that’s gotta be worth getting up for?!

But?don’t rush.  It can take a little time to get your niche right, and for it to then settle in to the right place for you.  And you may find that over time, it shifts and changes course naturally.  That’s perfectly OK.  As you grow as a person, and your skills and talents become more refined and more aligned with your perfect clients and customers, you’ll find that you grow more in confidence and offer even more of the uniqueness of you to your clients.  Allow that process to happen naturally over time. 

A river starts as a trickle, then a stream.  The stream flows into the river which becomes larger and larger before joining the sea.  Along the way it meanders, goes round obstacles; cuts through things in its way; picks up debris?and then drops it again; allows us humans to play in it, wash in it, learn from it, travel on it and even have the courage to surf on it in some cases.  And eventually it reaches the sea, and becomes the ocean in all it glory, beauty and power.

At no time does it stop to think about whether it should or shouldn’t.  Whether it can or can’t.  Or whether it’s allowed or not.  For these are often the thoughts that are holding us back from promoting our business to the fullest.  They prevent us from stepping into our glory, beauty and power.  And those same thoughts deny all those people (our clients) the chance to have fun with us, learn with us, be themselves with us, and travel to their own destinations with us.

So, are you going to remain a trickle where no-one can see you?or are you going to promote your business and allow yourself to step into your power, and in doing so allow your customers to step into theirs?

Trust in yourself, stick a large smile on your face, and go for it!

Have a great week!

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