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Are you prepared to spend 5 hours to turn your business around?

What a difference a day makes?

Last Friday, armed with my flask, sandwiches and a packet of Polos, I spent the day in Birmingham Business Library.

The reason being was to do the research for a sister business to Merrie Marketing that I’m intending on launching later on this year.

Now, I’ve been a marketer for 22 years, but I do not profess to know everything (don’t tell that to my children though!). So even though this sister business will be in an arena I know extremely well (i.e. marketing) and doing what I instinctively think is right, I still don’t actually know that for a fact.

Fortunately though, there is plenty of information out there that has already been published that DOES know, and all I need to do is tap into it.

So, in the space of about 5 hours, I found out:

Whether the demand for my proposed services is increasing or declining (fortunately it’s increasing!);
Who wants, and is willing to pay, for these services;
Where exactly in the country they are;
The exact number of employees these businesses have;
What their turnover is;
What sectors they are in;
What their major problems are;
And even, what media I can use most effectively to reach them.

Plus a whole load of other useful information. In fact I came away with 20 sides of A4 paper of notes. That’s a LOT of information!

I can now use this information to take me to the next stage of my research for this new business, which will ultimately help drive my whole business plan and marketing strategy. And it will be a strategy that I know is based on sound footings, and – more importantly – will work.

So, my question to you is?do you rush ahead straight into the “doing”, and are then left wondering how on earth you’re going to take your business to the next stage. Or wonder why none of this marketing stuff seems to be working very well (wasting your money and time in the process)?

Or would it be worth a day or two out of the business to work ON your business and find out from the reams of published research out there who your clients are, where they are, what they want and so on?

I don’t let any of my clients move ahead until we’ve done their research. Annoying as it may be to spend the time doing it, there’s a reason for it. And I promise the time spent doing your market research will pay you back massive dividends in the delivery of your marketing plan.

“The thing about making it big, and doing it fast is that invariably the first steps will be small and slow.” (Notes from the Universe –

Have a great week,
Dedicated to your success,

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