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2014-08-24 15.30.25Following my holiday theme today, this is a photo of the roadway that hugs the coast of Lindisfarne.  Whilst walking along it on Sunday, it made me reflect on the route we travel in our businesses.  Often, we can’t see where we’re headed but we know the finish line is out there somewhere.  And so we walk along, step by step until we reach our destination.

But what if we don’t know where our road is headed?  Not long before we reached this road, we were trudging up and down the sand dunes.  Very often we got to the top of one expecting to see the sea, and all we got was another sand dune.  It was hard to find the path, and we ended up going in a weird direction, not really achieving any sense of moving forward.

What finally got us on to the road was a determined strike out in one direction and then stuck to it.  Once we did reach it, it was a long walk to the village, but at least we had a clear direction in front of us.  All we had to do was follow it and keep walking, even if we couldn’t see round the corners.

It’s very similar in business.  We set ourselves a direction, and can find ourselves amongst the sand dunes – not really knowing where we’re going, but it’s hard work all the same.  We can end up going round in circles, climb up some steep, difficult bits, and occasionally have an easy “downhill” period which lulls us into a false sense of security.

What we need to do is a constant check as to see where we are and which direction we’re going in.  As these two images (drawn by own fair hand I might add) show:
Keep on the right path

If you stray off the path and keep going on blindly, it will result in your business ending up somewhere completely different and without the results that you wanted or were anticipating (left hand image).  If, however, you can correct that stray early enough, it’s easy to get back onto the direction you want to go in.

It’s similar to losing weight: put on a couple of pounds, and it’s easy to lose those again.  Ignore those two pounds and don’t put yourself back on the straight and narrow, and two pounds can become 10 pounds.  Not so easy to lose!

And so, as we come into September and whilst there is a definite “Back to School” feeling in the air, with all good reason, it’s time to look at where you are in your business now, where you were planning to be, and decide whether you’re well on your way on your correct path, or whether you need to adjust your direction.

I would personally suggest doing this once a quarter so that you don’t stray too far off your intended path, which ties in nicely with your quarterly strategic planning.  Any adjustments you make, indeed any business plans you make, will have a direct impact on the marketing plans you make, any resources you might need to pull in, any new systems you may need to set up or indeed and personal development you need to do.

And whilst you’re considering your business – don’t forget your health and well-being; you need to work at those just as much as your business.

If you think you need some guidance and coaching in getting the direction of your business right, or are – quite simply – feeling a tad lost (even if your business looks perfectly successful from the outside), this is what I specialise in and would be more than happy to offer you a complementary (and no obligation) 30 minute coaching session to see how I could empower you to transform the direction of your business.  Just click this link to drop me a line by email or call me on 01452 223306.

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