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Are you a hero?

By March 16, 2010 Mindset, Your Purpose No Comments

Well, I think (whispering, in case it changes its mind) that Spring has finally sprung.  The sun is out and it’s definitely warmer.  The daffodils have grown about 4 inches in the last 3 days and I suspect they shall come into glorious bloom just in time for Easter. 

Hermione and Ronnie – the chickens – are taking dust baths again (rather than mud baths, which I admit may be good for making your feathers soft, but doesn’t make for an attractive look post bath), and are relishing the increase in insects and larvae they’re obviously finding.  The result: yummy eggs, even though I try desperately not to think of what they eat in order to make them!

Today I saw the first concept for the new website of one of my coaching clients – it looks fantastic, and I am absolutely delighted that it’s turned out that good.  This is one that I wrote both the corporate identity AND website briefs for: I’ve written hundreds and hundred of creative briefs in my time, so I know what information to give to a designer to get the best out of them.  The designer can then do what they do best – which is design.  Good brief in, good creative work out. 

Working ‘in the middle’ of businesses and designers means that everyone can work to their own particular skill sets, and it brings out the best in everyone.  Quite frankly, my client has enough to be getting on with in creating a suite of fantastic products, without having to learn how to brief a designer.

It makes me think of the TV series (currently showing on BBC2) called “Heroes”.  In it, there are a growing number of people with special gifts.  One can fly, one can heal the dead, one can ‘see’ sounds, and one can heal herself, and there’s a load more.  These people use their gifts for the good of others.  But as you can imagine, there’s a whole bevy of others who have chosen to use their gifts to do harm, or for pure personal gain. 

And then…..there’s Sylar, played by the charismatic, and very good looking Zachary Quinto (swoon).  He goes round killing all the others to collect their powers, so that he can…well, presumably rule the world! 

Actually, as Sylar is in it purely for himself, he’s not likely to have much of world left if he’s left to his own devices.  But, ever the optimist, I believe that good will eventually prevail and Sylar will get his come uppance.

So, I’d like to ask you: which hero would you be and how would you use your power? 

Now, on the basis, you already have that one special thing to offer the world – what is it? 

And, as I’m assuming you’re not intending to go off on a major killing spree like our good friend Sylar (he’s very good at mending clocks though, so he might be useful to have around as long as you don’t upset him), what good can you bring to the world with your skill?

I’d love you to share it with me below.

(And if you can fly – can I come along for a ride?!).


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