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All you have to do is give it to them!

As regular readers will know, Mr R and I are regular frequenters of the local dance scene having danced the Jive for about five years now, and have recently taken up Lindy Hop.

We go to two different schools depending on what dances and practice nights they have on.  We originally learned the Jive with School One, but now learn Lindy Hop and, for a while, advanced Jive, with School Two.

The person who runs School One loves dance, is fabulous at teaching it, but says they can’t make a living from it.  The thing is, they stopped teaching Jive and concentrated solely on Lindy Hop.  Jive is the easier of the two dances and is what everyone wants to learn, and they do – by their droves.  Lindy is generally recommended once you’ve got the hang of Jive, and therefore attracts a much, much smaller group of people.  They teach a couple of evenings a week and hold a monthly dance and practice night for both Jivers and Lindy Hoppers.

School Two meanwhile teach every night of the week.  They spilt their classes between Jive – beginners, intermediate and advanced, Lindy – again all three abilities, and Bilboa (another Swing dance).

Their classes are packed.  Their weekly dances are packed.  And they now hold a monthly Dance Doctor session where for three hours you can go practice and ask for personal help at any time (quite often when you get tangled up in some of the more complicated moves!) whilst they walk around to help everyone.  There is something for everyone at every ability to be able to improve their skills and learn new moves and tricks.  And they also have DVDs to buy if you want to learn at home…not to mention that if you have a private lesson they record the session so you can practice at home.

So, what’s the lesson here? (Other than you’ve now learned that I love my dancing!!).

The very simplified official (Chartered Institute of Marketing) definition of marketing is “find out what your customers want, and then give it to them, whilst making a profit”.

School One do just what they want to do, and don’t manage to make a profit or a living from what they do.  In their case, they have “normal 9-5” jobs during the day because their business doesn’t pay.

School Two have listened to what their customers want, have given it to them in lots of different ways, and happily make a living from it.

School One could very easily change their situation: it’s very obvious what they need to do, but they don’t.

School Two gets our loyalty and business because they continually grow with us – their customer.

So, what aren’t you doing in your business that you could very easily do?

  • What does your customer want that you’re not giving to them?
  • What do they keep asking for?
  • What could you do for them to increase their skills / take them on to a more advanced stage?
  • What can you do to build a great relationship with them? (School Two makes home-made cakes for their Dance Doctor sessions!).
  • What can you do that will help them even when you’re not there?

Ask your customer….listen to your customer….and they will tell you.

Find out what they want – and then give it to them.  Then make a profit.


Have a great week.
Dedicated to your success,

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