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How 60 Minutes Could Change Your Business


Like the majority of business owners I’m sure, I have a LinkedIn Profile.  I think I’m pretty adept at making sure I have an up to date profile, I’ve filled in all the sections, and generally do what I’m supposed to do.

Nevertheless, I knew there were some gaps and some stuff I didn’t know, but I didn’t want to book onto a three hour workshop, good as they may be, to sit through all the stuff I did know to find out the things I didn’t.

And so I booked myself an hour with Jonathan Pollinger of Intranet Future.  He’s Gloucestershire’s social media expert and is well known for his training workshops.

In the space of that hour, he’d shown me all the gaps on my profile, all those magic little things to fill in which I didn’t know existed.  He’d told me how I should structure various sections, and the order my profile should be in (who knew you could switch the order of your profile around?).  We had a discussion about my LinkedIn marketing strategy and he told me how I could make it better.

It was an incredibly valuable hour and, although my profile is still work-in-progress behind the scenes, I have a clear direction of where I’m taking it, and I know that one hour shall reap me big dividends.

In the space of one hour he showed me far more on LinkedIn than I could ever have found out myself.  If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how will you ever find it? You don’t know what you don’t know….

And on the basis most consultants will charge somewhere between £70 – £250 an hour for their time as a one off, it really isn’t a lot of money to spend on knowledge that will bring you huge rewards, or save you spending where you don’t need to.

Don’t forget that any expert/consultant will also be able to help you make those “do I/don’t I?” decisions that we all have to make in our businesses from time to time.  An hour or two with a consultant to discuss that issue could save you a fortune in time, money, effort and indeed, heartache.

So I encourage you this week to think about the areas of your business, or indeed your life, where you need an expert.  What do you know needs sorting out?  What is forever on your “to do” list as a “must sort that out…” but you never do…because you don’t really know where to start, how to do it or how to make the decision?

Social media? (Linked In…Facebook…Google +….?)  Your pension?  Marketing?  Cash flow? Interviewing techniques? Business direction?

What is it for you?

Then find that consultant – someone you know or is recommended to you – and book that time in.

Feel the relief as that nagging item comes off your to-do list.

Then watch your business grow.

Dedicated to your success,
See you next week,


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