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Five Reasons Why You Need an Email Newsletter


A quick trawl of Google will show you how email marketing is becoming ever more popular, with the Direct Marketing Association reporting that email marketing has increased its ROI to £38 (up by 53% from 2013).

An average of 22.1% of emails sent by companies with between 1 – 10 employees are opened, according to Mailchimp’s ongoing research.

And according to a study in 2012 (and believe me, not much has changed) only 4% of the businesses surveyed said that email marketing wasn’t important to their business.

Knowing this is one thing, but I think industry reports can feel a bit impersonal, that they don’t have any relevance to us and our businesses. Except that they do.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been running a mini-series on various aspects of email marketing. This week therefore, I thought I would finish by looking at the main reasons as to why email marketing is vitally important to YOUR business. Let’s make this personal to you.

So here are my personal top five reasons why you need a newsletter:

  • There’s a process whereby your identified target market become clients. They go through the stages of: target market (everyone out there who matched the profile) to suspect (could be interested) to prospect (possibly interested) to lead (now more than interested) to warm and hot leads (very interested) to client (woo hoo!). Depending on what you’re selling, the rate people travel through this process will be very short or very long – or anything in between. At any point, they can get bored and wander off….IF they are not kept in touch with. Ongoing communication with your prospects and leads is vital: you will never know when they are about to tip over into being a client. A regular email newsletter will do this for you.
  • Clients need communicating with too. Keep in touch with them and make them into more frequent clients. If you don’t tell them about your products and service, how will they know? Treat them royally and as VIPs. It is very easy to segment out your clients on your mailing list and target communications just for them.
  • If your product or service is time, date or season relevant, you can easily tailor your email marketing messages to send offers and information at the right time. I received a special offer via email last week on the day it was pouring with rain offering me a discount on a craft course: the subject line was “It’s raining: get 20% off our courses today…”. Somebody somewhere was very on the ball!
  • A newsletter will do wonders for your brand awareness, keeping you out there on a consistent basis. You can use it to help build your reputation, help create a brand identity and voice, and remind people that you still exist (refer to point 1).
  • And finally – connected to point 4 – it helps to build you as an expert and as a thought leader in your field. Share what you know, share your thoughts and share your beliefs (relevant to your business obviously) and you create a band of fans and followers. If people don’t like what you say, they can always unsubscribe, but be true to yourself and stick to what you know.

For personal advice on how you can set up your own newsletter,
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